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  1. Does it mater what order I use Dicor lap sealant and Dicor EPDM coating ? I see it say lap sealant takes 30 days but no info on EPDM coating.
  2. ty all If I put a carport tent over it will it prevent further mold/rotte to hold off repairs for spring/summer ? I don't have money saved up for buying a role of the EPDM roof or the liquid roof material for a few months. I did get another person saying I might be abule to cut a flap out off the EPDM over the rotte and repair the wood and put patch's on seam's of the flap.
  3. Hi all i'm new hear My EPDM or the other rubber roof looks ok. But I have a spot wear it looks like a branch poked a hole and than was calked(lap sealant). I just noticed that the ply wood there is badly rotted about 1 foot across. It feels like some of the wood framing might also be rotted. Should I just peel the roof back(can it be reused ?) and replace the wood or just do the EPDM rubber roofing coating system ? I live in it and have lots of rain coming withing 3-5 weeks. I can get a carport tent with clear tarps to work on it. I need to do some lap sealant and the EPDM rubber roofing coating. What one should I do first ?
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