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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Anthony and my wife Jeanne and I along with our 12 year old daughter are in the market for a Travel Trailer. We are so overwhelmed with the information on the internet. We currently have a 2010 Honda Odyssey and know the maximum towing for this vehicle is only 3500lbs. From the research that I've done so far I know I don't want to go over 3100LBS. That total includes the unloaded weight of the trailer, passengers, fuel and anything else we bring. I know we are cutting it close, but we plan to set the trailer up at a site for a season and on the initial drive to the site we will take 2 cars, one with the trailer and 2 of us and the other car will haul all of the other items. Until I can afford another vehicle this is how we will do it. I will also be installing a transmission cooler on my car. With that said we are looking for some advice on reliable lightweight travel trailers that would work with what we currently have. We would like for the trailer to be 17ft with a toilet and shower and can sleep 3-4. Any advice and real life experience would be greatly appreciated.
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