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  1. Moldy smell often is an indication of high humidity or water. Also temperature changes will make clothes smell that way. So we too use DampRid (need to replace crystals, though runtime up to 60 days, according to source and our experiences - previously we used it in my father's boat) when we're in such areas with high humidity levels (especially humid deep South), since I'd prefer too over-dry my vehicle than to deal with mold. As another rule - not to collect too many clothes. We store all our clothes inside the RV, and if it won't fit inside, we get rid of it. Vacuum bags or plastic bins that seal tightly are the best bet for storage in bays.
  2. For spices, we have the IKEA drawer organizer and canisters in a cabinet, they're a good size. Keeping them in a cool, dark place preserves the flavor & intensity longer. I buy bulk and keep the extra that won't fit in the shakey bottle in a zip loc.
  3. Twice that. I keep it in the bike and the RV, and certainly I would buy more (even though it did not perform too well on my house plumbing). Had a leakage in our home in march, used 2 rolls and wrapped it twice, pipe still leaked. Effectively fixed a garden hose though.
  4. Jim, what's wrong with them? I'd be glad to help.
  5. I don't trust bottled water from unknown sources, so we filter the water from the regularly tested campground supplies to top off our fresh tank as needed. Our primary filtering is for sediment and chlorine taste removal, with secondary point of use drinking water filtering for lead, microbiological cysts, pharmaceutical traces, etc. The primary filter is a whole house housing with a Culligan D-20a filter rated for 1,000 gallons or one year, and our secondary filter is a PUR - the same as Dutch mentioned - rated for 100 gallons.
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