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  1. jdhm

    Kitchen sink

    Okay. Here's what happened. Went to Reynolds RV in Fortuna, CA. Talked to a couple of guys there. Told them all that had happened and what we had done and what had been suggested. This was on Wednesday and an appointment was made for us to bring rig in the following Monday. Then one of the guys said, "in the meantime try this". And he gave me a bottle of Awesome. 20oz bottle. Took it home and poured half in, all it would take. An hour later it had gone down enough to get most of the rest in drain. 2 hours later my wife heard a gurgle and a swoosh AND DRAIN HAS BEEN CLEAR SINCE. That stuff is truly Awesome. Was told it is $1 a bottle at most dollar stores. Next time I'm in town I'm buying half a dozen bottles. Thanks for all of your suggestions. J.D.
  2. jdhm

    Kitchen sink

    Also, rv repair place said it might be the lining of the pvc pipe can loose and is causing the problem.
  3. jdhm

    Kitchen sink

    Before I put new vent on I ran water into sink. It can out the pipe the vent screws into. Could that pipe be clogged?
  4. jdhm

    Kitchen sink

    Vent was replaced. Did not help.
  5. jdhm

    Kitchen sink

    What and where is the vacuum breaker?
  6. jdhm

    Kitchen sink

    Thank you for your suggestions. Plumbing under sink was removed and is clear. Gray tank empty and open. Having a professional look at it this afternoon. Thanks J.D.
  7. Help. Kitchen sink wonk drain. Checked pipes under dink. All clear. Used a lot of baking soda and vinegar. Used plunger. Nothing helps. Any suggestions? Thank you. J.D.
  8. jdhm

    VA clinics

    New to VA. Is there a way to register so I do not have to register again at every different VA clinic? Thank you, J.D.
  9. jdhm

    Driving thru Salt Lake City

    Thank you. Very helpful.
  10. jdhm

    Driving thru Salt Lake City

    East to west thru Salt lake ciy on I-80. Any advice or comments? Anything I need to know? Thankyou, J.D.
  11. jdhm

    Class A front end alignment

    Anyone have suggestions for good motor home front end alignment place inow Colorado Springs?
  12. jdhm

    Dalhart,TX to Raton,NM or to Springer, NM

    Traveling from Dalhart,TX to Colorado Springs. Question: from Clayton is the best route 56 to Springer? Is there an even better toute? Thank you, J.D.
  13. Driving a 34 foot motorhome, gas. Which route is best, Dalhart, TX to Raton, NM or Dalhart, TX to Springer, NM? Will be making trip the first week in April so must consider weather in that high country. Thank you in advance, J.D.
  14. Has anyone ever volunteered at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park in Astoria, OR.? If so, could I please have your impressions of volunteering there? Thank you, J.D.
  15. jdhm

    Elks RV Parking

    Thanks for your imput. J.D.