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  1. jdhm

    VA clinics

    New to VA. Is there a way to register so I do not have to register again at every different VA clinic? Thank you, J.D.
  2. jdhm

    Driving thru Salt Lake City

    Thank you. Very helpful.
  3. jdhm

    Driving thru Salt Lake City

    East to west thru Salt lake ciy on I-80. Any advice or comments? Anything I need to know? Thankyou, J.D.
  4. jdhm

    Class A front end alignment

    Anyone have suggestions for good motor home front end alignment place inow Colorado Springs?
  5. jdhm

    Dalhart,TX to Raton,NM or to Springer, NM

    Traveling from Dalhart,TX to Colorado Springs. Question: from Clayton is the best route 56 to Springer? Is there an even better toute? Thank you, J.D.
  6. Driving a 34 foot motorhome, gas. Which route is best, Dalhart, TX to Raton, NM or Dalhart, TX to Springer, NM? Will be making trip the first week in April so must consider weather in that high country. Thank you in advance, J.D.
  7. Has anyone ever volunteered at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park in Astoria, OR.? If so, could I please have your impressions of volunteering there? Thank you, J.D.
  8. jdhm

    Elks RV Parking

    Thanks for your imput. J.D.
  9. jdhm

    Elks RV Parking

    Has anyone stayed at the Elks Lodge in Greeley, CO.? If so, could I please has your opinion and impressions of the place? Thank you, J.D.
  10. jdhm

    Route advice

    Thanks for all the help.
  11. jdhm

    Route advice

    You are correct. Wasn't thinking clearly.
  12. jdhm

    Route advice

    Sorry, arriving on Sunday the 18th. Probably around 2PM.
  13. jdhm

    Route advice

    Tempe Elks just off Broadway, about 2 miles east of Rural. Thanks.
  14. jdhm

    Route advice

    Quartzsite to Tempe. What is the best way to avoid as much freeway as possible? 34 foot motorhome with toad. Thanks.
  15. Problem solved. Thank you.