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  1. The North Rim is my preferred GCNP area but they won't be open before late spring. For cool go high, Colorado or Northern NM. In AZ there is the Mogollon Rim in east AZ and the North Rim area which contains some other smaller parks. Do not jump into Solar without looking into it carefully, there is a lot more to it than buying panels. You also need a controller, inverter and probably more batteries, and breakers, and solar wiring and connectors. And all that has to work together. There are a lot of tutorials online.
  2. Heh, yeah it could be another case of the Hawaiian volcanic rocks.
  3. The gators at Shark Valley will make you understand how people used to fear them, completely fearless. And the trolley guide told us the story about a 10 yo Brazilian boy who rode his bike into the canal full of those gators. The boys mother literally smashed her cellphone on the gators head that had her son. She finally got him loose but the boy spent months in a Miami hospital. We are used to critters being afraid of us, but it wasn't always so. Read up on wolf attacks one of these days if you think they are soft cuddley critters. Like farmers found with 15 dead wolves around them with the dead, half eaten farmer and his empty gun. You have to wonder if we are recreating the past with dangerous critters. Look at the booming gator population in Florida for example. Yes I'm for preserving predators but only at a safe population level.
  4. We we spent 5 days and probably 8-10 hours on the phone, chats, web and finally a last straw visit to the local ATT office. The end result: no data plan. No one would admit knowing anything about TOGO, well that's not quite right after 4 hours one day I did get one rep that knew about it, and she set up a 3 day extension. But she could not take a payment and we never got anyone to admit that they could or would. So SOL
  5. Well how long a trip? Arizona is packed with camping opportunities and so is NM. Utah is probably the number one destination for RVers. Cali is avoided by many Rvers because of the social atmosphere there and the high fuel and camping costs. But it too is loaded with spots. It's too early for the North Rim but have you done Grand Canyon South Rim? There is also Petrified Forest/Painted Desert. Lots of Indian Ruin parks. Arizona State Parks are good. Chiricahua NM is difficult since your TT is too long for their CG and I could not find any boondocking close. NM could have a list that goes on for a long time. Utah starts with the Grand Loop and has other attractions too. Boondocking takes more than just a generator (a quiet inverter type I hope) there are a number of adaptations you need to make to pull it off successfully. Folks over in the Boondocking forum will be happy to educate you on that. So feed us more info and we will flood you with ideas.
  6. Florida also has state forests in addition to National Forests. There is a CG, dry camping but water available, in Goethe State Forest near Newberry FL. I have never seen anyone camping there and have been thru there a number of times. The sites are wide pull thrus. Sites are shaded. This is a somewhat new cg, unadvertised and mostly unknown. Let me know if you are interested for directions. It's about 15-20 miles from I-75 in between Newberry and Bronson FL. I think the fee is $10/night for non Florida residents. Other than that Ocala NF has dispersed camping you can certainly find an isolated undeveloped site. Probably can do the same in other NF along your path
  7. 2 hours on the net, almost had my IMEI and that simcard number memorized trying to get the TOGO page to take it. Finally got past that today when it refused to take the CVC number off either one of two cards. Typed in card numbers over and over no go. Both cards known good, I used them repeated over the last couple days. Including on Amazon and local stores. Called the 800-331-0500 number and got some offshore service rep. Spent 90 minutes with him, very irritating and seemed to know nothing he finally gave me another 800 number that was for an ATT service but they denied knowing the number. Back online and finally got connected to chat, another 60-90 minutes online with them but they actually seemed to know something. Then started getting random calls on my phone while I was on chat from mystery ATT reps. The chat supervisor finally signed me up for 3 days on TOGO and told me to use the ATT app on my phone to pay. Burned out right now will try in the morning. Call me paranoid. I have to suspect ATT is trying to prevent signups, I will be past the supposed signup period tho no one mentions a word about that.
  8. One thing about Obamacare you folks should consider, it is probably going to be very short lived. The congress removed the mandate a couple years ago and that being called a tax was the only constitutional justification the program could claim. That being gone the program is in the courts and likely to get the axe this year.
  9. Let me apologize if you thought that I was criticizing you, I was not. I was replying to the post about folks trying to get out of paying the taxes imposed by the politicians that they probably voted for their whole lives. They voted them in, and it's only right that they suffer the consequences. Fulltimers by definition probably are not going to reside in any one state for 180+ days a year.
  10. Well yeah, a fake domicile change in order to avoid taxes is asking for trouble. Especially from one of the high tax states who are determined to squeeze every possible penny out of people. Actually living full time in one state while trying to claim residence in another state should not work. The same with people who live in a high tax state and try to register their vehicle and/or RV in Montana. I don't have any experience with insurance changes since I have excellent insurance from my previous employer and Medicare. But lots of full timers just don't live in any one state for 180 days.
  11. You may be over thinking this. Just follow thru on the instructions and I suspect you will be fine. You need to do this in the specified county tho since enforcement varies by county here. Many have gone before you and we have not seen people here complaining about problems.
  12. We had no such problems. We took the road up from the south end on July 3rd this summer and yes it was rutted. We met no traffic at all, we were pulling our 30ft AF TT with a F350 4WD tho I don't recall shifting to 4WD. We got site 15 in the last lower cg and had spectacular views of the Tetons from out campsite. We got there mid afternoon I don't recall the exact time. The FS people down in Jackson were the ones to direct us to this spot providing a hand marked map. So that doesn't seem to be discouraging people from using the site. Our major concern was that is was raining off and on the first couple of days we were there and I was worried about the road becoming a mud pit. But the rain stopped our last day there and the road was no worse than when we came in. Everyone we met were your standard campers, polite and helpful. No fistfights were seen. Makes me wonder what you did to aggravate them. Traffic was never heavy on that road, a vehicle every 10 or 15 minutes maybe. Lots of folks looking for but not finding an empty site. We let one couple who were tent campers use the back half of our site. And this was on the 4th weekend when you would expect a lot of traffic. There are reportedly more campsites on an upper section but we didn't see them, if the road I looked at was the access then I would not want to pull my TT up it. There are more dispersed sites north of here near that cabin pull out and a lot more on Grassy Lake Rd without the great views. That road is in between YNP and Tetons and was once the entry road to the YNP entrance in the sw corner, now closed. We entered the shadow mountain road by turning east on the Moran Junction, then past the Mormon row. You will come to a turn about on the south side of the road and that has the shadow mountain road exiting from it.
  13. Yeah but you posted it in a public forum where a 1000 people could see it (unlikely unless it gets cataloged by search engines). You should have sent it privately.
  14. If it is real that would be piracy and MS is very active in fighting piracy and they can get obnoxious about it. I don't think we want to see the Escapee get a cease and desist letter from MS lawyers. As for the OP just use LibreOffice it works and has all the functions you will need. And is really free.
  15. I'm not trying to drag politics into this, but I fail to see how this issue can be discussed without mentioning the places that have the biggest problem. And of course I realize that people do have real problems and sometimes need help. I am service connected myself. That's why in my list of solutions I mentioned that people should be able to get assistance for a limited time. The problem arises with people who are able to work but stay on welfare for their entire life and are enabled to do so by the social work structure in this country. But that isn't what we are talking about, those folks are not sleeping on the sidewalks.
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