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  1. Florida tag agencies are run by the county tax collector. Every county has their own and it's his wishes that will govern how this process runs. Here in Alachua county they are on the friendly and helpful tack. I'm sure you can find some county in the state that will treat you like the Cali DMV if that's what you prefer. Tax Collectors are elected in Florida, and most seem to want to keep getting elected and making a lot of voters angry at the tag agencyis not the best way to achieve that. I lost my DL last year and went down to replace it, I happened to have my Passport in the truck and took that in as ID. They took that by itself and I walked out with a real id DL. Whole process took less than 10 minutes. No proof of address asked for.
  2. " have the ToGo and I'm seriously looking at the Visible! My Cell carrier is T-Mobile who also is a Hot Spot. We're you able to get in on the 25.00 per month with Visible and are you currently using it? Just wondering how its all working out? " Visible has been great so far. I have had it for a little less than a month and we are on the $40 rate but I'm going to look into the party rate ASAP. I just told my wife to kill our AT&T DSL and she just took care of it. I think we are over 50 GB on visible and no sign of any slowdown.
  3. Don't think we don't notice it, and loath it. They are building over 1000 apartments and 700 new houses in our small town which once had a population of 1500.
  4. Yeah, perhaps some people are entering the state. Over the Mexican border, from China or the 'homeless' from every other state. But are they productive, working tax payers? It would be enlightening to see the demographics of those new residents.
  5. Hengs roof coating was compatible with Dicor when I did my old fiver roof. Easy to use too. Amazon And you'll notice Dicor is selling a roof coating now, very pricey of course. I've never heard anyone say they used it yet.
  6. This is why many of us are turning to cell phone hot spots and just ignore the cg WIFI. I was very surprised and happy to find the rare cg with good strong WIFI this last summer. This coming summer TOGO Roadtrek (AT&T) and in combination with Visible (Verizon) will provide most of our internet access.
  7. So far as I know that is an accurate portrayal of some residents of Cali. The rents are so high in the cities and housing prices are astronomical so folks are being forced out of the cities and into the woods. Zoning completely has blocked new construction. The government makes clearing brush and thinning the woods almost impossible. So they are fire traps. Many install solar on their houses that feeds back into the power system, but they do not add a battery bank. So when the power goes off the solar is up on the roof making power that they cannot access. The government has also forced the power company to spend all it's free cash on renewables leaving none for line maintenance. So trees and brush are close to the ill maintained lines, the power company turns off the power to prevent fires. But they happen anyway. They are pressured into buying electric cars but the power is off and the solar is worthless so they cannot charge the car. The woods catch on fire the house burns and maybe they get out. And so yeah people are leaving, the highest gas taxes in the nation, other taxes are the second highest in the country, roads are not maintained but they are spending $90,000,000,000 on a train to no-where using gas taxes. And the completely controlled state government spends it's time passing laws about XYZQW (I don't recall the letters) and keeping criminals from being deported, and passing unconstitutional gun laws.
  8. We have been down some rough roads in our TT and have never had anything break inside a cabinet and we do not use any sort of padding. We had a problem with some doors popping open but I installed new magnetic latches when we got home. Still have to fix the rocking chairs turning over problem. I don't want to screw them down so I'll have to come up with something other than that. I have several ideas percolating around in my head, one will rise to the surface soon...heh.
  9. For the most part I find that Days End and Campedium fill 90% of my site searches and when in doubt I look for the online MVUM of the NF and BLM land: " Camping on public lands away from developed recreation facilities is referred to as dispersed camping. Most of the remainder of public lands are open to dispersed camping, as long as it does not conflict with other authorized uses or in areas posted "closed to camping," or in some way adversely affects wildlife species or natural resources. " BLM and so no MVUM is needed. You can camp anywhere on BLM land unless there are signs saying otherwise. I'm toying with the idea of getting ALStays since they seem to have an excellent interface and maybe the best list of dump stations available. At least one site posted a check of different apps showing dump stations and Alstays came out ahead of the others. But that was a limited test of just one area (Moab)
  10. Like those who bought an electric vehicle, were forced to move into wooded area, they have solar on the house, the power company turns the power off, no power disables the solar, the woods are burning, and they cannot charge their car to escape. Those people?
  11. Looks to be very difficult to use. Search seems to be by lat/long not something most of us are ready to use when looking for a campsite in eastern WY for example. You can get it to show all the sites in it's database but they seem to completely disorganized. Probably showing by date of entry. Whoever running this needs to learn some coding. Anyway what's wrong with the SKP database or Campedium to name two. Lots of folks like Allstays which is decades ahead of this site which seems to follow 1980 coding standards.
  12. I've never heard of the Sixt Rental company but I do not watch TV nor have I rented a car in 20 years and that was for business travel. They claim to be widely distributed around the world.
  13. I suspect the Cadillac Ranch, Las Vegas and New Orleans show that people with different 'preferences' also travel. And probably not just to see the place. Most of us here are more in tune with visiting natural scenic areas but there are a lot of folks who are interested in urban attractions.
  14. Yeah we only could stop for a couple hours but it was well worth the visit. The people running the place said we were actually too early (early July) to really see the place since the grass was still growing. However there couldn't have been 20 people visiting so that makes it's inclusion on the list puzzling.
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