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  1. What difference does it make where he is, so long as he isolates himself in his RV??
  2. Geez you have to be desperate to spend the summer at Quartzite
  3. Yes a few people in rural states may get it, most of those are probably from plague carriers from the infected states. However being out in your RV is probably the best isolation you will find unless you socialize with fellow campers. The SE states seem for the most part to be open for business for state parks and commercial parks. Florida is an irritating outlier. BLM and NF sites are mainly open except when local authorities close them. I just don't believe this will still be around in 4 to 6 weeks. I'm convinced that the seasonal effect will kick in. Humidity, Warm Temperatures, and sunlight and fresh air are all shown to knock down the transmission rates. Washington State is saying that they think they they've turned the corner.
  4. If they meant travel inside the US they would have said so.
  5. The CDC has guidelines that tell people moving between areas to self isolate for 14 days? Please post a link.
  6. I saw an article that said that period is much shorter than people thought and symptoms show up in a few days. Even if that period is three days why self isolate for 14 days??
  7. That may be true but for the most part this was just idiotic and senseless follow the herd panic buying. I saw it on facebook and therefor I have to do it.
  8. If you are an asymptomatic carrier, something so far as I know has not been seen, then why would waiting 14 days fix that. You'd still be a asymptomatic carrier.
  9. Bunkum! Yes avoid unnecessary contact when traveling. But people coming from low infection rate areas don't need to self isolate. MT for example has less than 50 cases. Right now almost all the cases in this country are from the NYC, Northern NJ, Boston axis. Eastern WA state, New Orleans area and some spots in Cali. The are some hot spots like Miami, Ft Launderdale, Palm Beach (all which have large numbers of people from the NYC zone) but the rest of the country, more than 90% have minor problems. And most of those problems are from over reacting politicians. Look at this map: ap news The article is a couple days old but the map is actively updated with current numbers.
  10. TP, Kleenex and paper towels have reappeared in our stores. Limit 1 package per visit. The hysterical panic is subsiding slowly here locally. I saw someone with bottled water in his cart too. There are still odd empty spots on the shelves tho
  11. This from Rhode Island:
  12. Here is the county by county map I referred to: apnews It's two days old and I didn't see a current version. But you can see there are vast areas of the country mostly unaffected. Actually that map is being updated, the county I live in has current numbers. Manhattan has 24000 cases and if you add in the surrounding counties and Long Island the number is probably over 40,000. So close La Guardia and Kennedy air ports I say...heh block the bridges too. The link program here stinks. Once it starts you have a hard time stopping it. But that is the most useful map I've seen, the ones with the stupid circle/bubble indicators are worthless. All the circles merge together and you can not see any detail. NYC has such a large circle it blots out the NE states
  13. Dr Fauci reportedly just said that 60% of the infections in the whole country are around NYC. We need to ban travel to and from there.
  14. I'm the OP on this post and I thought it was a minor post that maybe would get a few views and one or two replies. Just goes to show that you never know what threads have the longest 'legs'....heh.
  15. AP had a detailed county by county map of the country. The NO area was indeed the big hot spot in the south. But the rest of the state north of I-10 has few infections. Miami-Ft Launderdale moderately warm, lots of New Yorkers there. And the NYC area was the hottest of all. The other spots were just where you would expect, Detroit, Seattle, Boston, SF etc. Indeed what struck me was that if you put the 2016 Red-Blue county voting map next to this map you'd get just about a 1:1 correlation. Urban areas hit the worst, rural areas mostly untouched. So why did the New Mexico governor, who's state is just about untouched, jump to close the state parks? Along with several other states. There are still lots of places to camp. BLM land is open and so far as I know NF land is too.
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