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  1. We always use Scott's 1000 sheet rolls. Even cheaper and works just as well.
  2. Yeah the Salton sea is anything but natural
  3. I'd be happy to help but I am a bit far away in Florida. Check with Homedepot or Lowes they maintain lists of people looking for handyman jobs. I believe there is also an online service that you may find with a little google work. Replacing a toilet is really no big deal tho. A couple of bolts. I wonder since you live in the restrictive part of the country, could there be laws limiting what a non certified worker (plumbing in this case) can do? Maybe that's why you cannot find one.
  4. OK the day we were leaving on an eight week trip I got a jury notice in Florida. The first in 30 years. I filled out the form asking for a delay until after August saying we were traveling and requested an email reply. A week later I got the reply postponing the appearance until mid October. Painless.
  5. OK that makes sense since we've had this dual phone system for years and have never seen roaming charges in the US before. She is paying $40/mo for this which is the same as their 5GB plan. So something needs to change.
  6. So you didn't see roaming problems? We plan to head up to Canada next summer and at least get up to Jasper if not farther. I heard you can buy a Sim for up there.
  7. What is your proof and I mean hard data not someone's opinion. Global Warming is history's greatest scam costing us hundreds of billions with no proof whatsoever.
  8. My wife has a much abused Verizon prepaid phone. I have a prepaid ATT moto. While we were on the road this summer up thru Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and points SE back to Florida she repeatedly got roaming warnings on her phone. I never saw one on my ATT moto. Is this something Verizon does to prepaid phones? Also if she ever had a Verizon signal but I did not have an ATT signal, I never noticed it over 8900 miles. This is important since I'm going to be buying her a replacement soon and wonder if we should continue with Verizon. We, unless there is an excellent reason, don't want to be locked into contracts. Tho since we are paying the prepaid fee every month I'm not sure how much difference there is monetarily. We just want functional phones and are in no way interested in $600 or more super phones. Me especially since I do not live on my phone
  9. This article may be of use to people planning next years trip. Dry areas are maybe more likely to have wildfires. And IMO smoke filled air ruins your trip. Good article if the idiot writing it could just ignore being politically correct and attribute this to plain old weather. The Brits by the way are predicting a bitterly cold winter, I'm not sure if that carries over to North America. Wunderground
  10. As a long time Florida resident I know that you need a FL drivers license and Florida Tags for your vehicles. For those you need an address. Or perhaps official mail with your name and that address. Then you can go to any county DMV (you can get an appointment and they are nothing like the CA DMV) and visit the county Tag/Tax agency. It's possible that you might need proof that you paid sales tax on your vehicles. Call up one of the tag agencies and talk to them they are generally very helpful. Alachau County Tax office info That's the info for the local office, they are all the same.
  11. Let me point out something different. In order to camp on the Valley Floor in Yosemite you will have to win their camping lottery. They run the lottery 7 months to the hour before the dates you want to reserve. And you HAVE to be online and ready to reserve a spot at the right minute to have any chance of getting what you want. Sites go within minutes and I am not exaggerating. They may have changed the details so you need to carefully examine their website for instructions.
  12. I'm not sure if they want the address to be made public but I got a prompt reply from Judy. They need to fix the address listed on the BOF page.
  13. Seems to be a case of the wrong email address on the BOF site.
  14. Well maybe she doesn't want new members....heh
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