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  1. OK let me finish this up with a surprise ending. I've spent the last three weeks on and off chat with visible. At least 7 sessions including two supposed transfers to 'network'. No joy whatsoever. Finally after all this their 'network' people email me and say your phone does not work because there is no Verizon service where you are. And that's with my wife sitting next to me with her phone on Verizon working fine this whole time. Thru GA-TN-AR-OK-NM and CO So they had worn me down and I decided I needed a working phone no matter what. So this afternoon I contacted their sales chat and set up getting a new Moto G7, which is what I have now, with a new sim. She tells me log off and then come back and I'll be able to order the phone and sim. $189. Just before I do that I decide the swap sims with my wifes Moto G5, her sim does not work on my phone. So I think the phone is kaput, I'm signing back on the Visible app to complete the order when I notice I have three bars of signal!!? So sticking her sim in and then putting mine back in fixed my phone and saved me $200. LOL One comment if you ever have to contact visible tech support the visible app chat is the only way that works....I tried all the others. And their techs are helpful but not so effective maybe. Most of the time I waited between 5 and 20 minutes to connect on chat.
  2. Are you in for a big surprise and an 1985 unit too.....heh
  3. Yeah I can't see it unless you stay at least 5 days. There isn't that much to do unless you get into exploring backroads, there are some of those in the area.
  4. We drove by that yesterday there are several BLM sites around here and a BLM office in the area too so you could probably boondock.
  5. Yes and we just left. It costs $36/person for a fishing license according to our neighbor, $72 a couple to stay here. The only other pass I could find is a $120 park pass. After some searching I never found that other rate. I tried to find the supposed guy at athe gate but never found him there so we just packed up and left. As for the fishing license there is no where to fish on the site. There is a lake but it is much reduced with a 50 foot white boundary of dead algae and such and with the polluted water warning I think it would be ill advised to eat any fish you caught. We are not big fishermen anyway and didn't bring any fishing gear. It is a beautiful location tho with mountains on three sides. The wind has picked up again. WE moved to South Fork Alpine Trails RV for a week right now. And it's windy here too.
  6. As for the 43 foot class A, there are all sorts of RVs here. I see large fivers and the road in is flat for the most part. So I think you would not have a problem. Maybe half the sites are pull thrus, right now I'd guess the place is 25% occupied. As for the water, it is all shut off. I just heard about the permit and will check on it. One observation, there seems to be no supervision by any officials and yet the place is trash free with no vandalism. On several walk arounds we haven't seen any trash on the ground. The people who insist that campers must be supervised, aka during government shutdowns, should visit this place. Of course it does not seem to be popular with the ORV crowd either.
  7. Right now we are sitting in an amazing boondocking site. San Luis State Park is an semi abandoned Colorado State Park. They close the park but left the gates opened and the POWER on. I see about 12 to 15 people camped out here. They have 30/50 amp pedestals, no water and we passed a dump station on the way in. I'm looking out the window at Great Sand Dunes and the surrounding mountains right now. To find this place proceed to Great Sand Dune NP, about 2.5 miles from the park you'll see a sign pointing off to the left down a road saying San Luis SP. Go down that way several miles and you'll see a sign on the right for the park entrance, the sign is right at the entrance no warning. The road in ia a bit rough but once in the park it is fair paved roads. There is a covered table and fire ring at each site. The place is windy and high desert. Cost = 0 per night. My wife has a couple of bars of ATT. I'll post a couple of photos later if I can get it to work here.
  8. I spent an hour or more texting the visible guy. He finally gave up and is kicking it up stairs to the network folks. So if you need Visible support text don't chat
  9. So Visible e which has worked great until now suddenly lost it's signal. It is a Moto 7. This happened when the battery died. I rebooted X 3, powered off and on, reset the network to factory, and pulled the sim tray and reinserted nothing works. I've been on chat hold with Visible for over an hour, account shows a balance. I texted them too and got an all tech busy . Visible doesn't seem to worry about support. Any suggestions? Thanks BK
  10. Me too, I actually have a or had a FB account under a false name, but I was forced to have one to do something. Don't recall what. Used it once or twice years ago and that was it. They are all run by extreme lefties and I want nothing to do with any of them. My wife is an addict tho,
  11. Finally made our break. Left yesterday for Amity COE in AL got here about 6PM. Drove thru on and off gully washers and frog chokers but seem to have finally left the rain behind. Here until Sunday then off to Doll Mountain COE in north GA then Cumberland Mountain SP in TN. After that, west to CO for boondocking. RVTP really makes finding COE parks so much easier, we have 4 or 5 on our route west. Taking our time, 200-250 miles a day and staying 3 days at most places. Tentative plan right now is up to WY/MT then over to Stanley ID for the Sawtooths. Wanted to stop last year but the weather was awful there so drove thru. Maybe WA/OR depending on whether those states have come to their senses by then. Have to be back in FL for 3 weeks in September so my wife can retire from her job. RVTP has a interesting new beta feature, you can get a link to your route that you can send to people that shows them you location. Supposed to update with changes to the route.
  12. agesilaus


  13. Not unless the fiver is outlandishly long, 50 ft or something.
  14. I just saw an announcement that the closure is extended to 6/21. Alaska travelers are allowed at least some of them. Newfoundland is out of reach.
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