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  1. I have the access pass because it is free to me as a disabled veteran. I do plan to boondock very often and have found quite a lot of information on it and where to stay. I do not care about bells and whistles. I don’t need a swimming pool at a campground. I plan to live frugal and know it is possible. I make more than enough every month to live “large”(I am laughing at that..haha!) but I have never been like that and want a more simple lifestyle. Traveling and seeing the country and taking my time and connecting with nature and local people etc... that is what I plan to do and want.
  2. Photo of the ID? Meaning it tells me who/what etc about the rig?
  3. Ok. I do not want to destroy the car. I love it! Do you think going truck and trailer is a good choice? That set up would be serve the same purpose. I am thinking that buying a rig and having to buy another car would mess up my budget. While I know I could afford that, it is not what I want to do. One of the reasons for making this choice is to save money as well as travel and live more of a minimalist lifestyle.
  4. I am not sure about either show. One is in Raleigh NC and the other in Charlotte NC. http://www.northcarolinarvda.com/raleigh-fall-rvshow here is the link to the show next weekend in Raleigh. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  5. Very helpful, thank you! How do I know the rig is going to stand up to full time living? I am not opposed to buying used at all! Do you have a rig or travel trailer?
  6. Thank you so much for the website, Kirk! All of your links have been very helpful as well! My Jetta is NOT towable on 4. Now what!? I am rethinking all of it because I don’t want to buy a tow dolly. Is towing my car like that bad for it? I know the dolly will add extra weight and impact everything too. My Jetta is pretty low to the ground as it is and only the back two wheels down may cause damage. Maybe rethinking and buying a truck and TT??!! The truck would serve as a 4WD and vehicle to get around in towns etc and pull the trailer. Also, I found two RV shows near me. One next weekend (4hrs away) and then one late September (2hrs away), should I attend both or are they pretty much the same? I am so very grateful that I started asking questions now!
  7. For now I don’t plan to need a 4wd but that can change and I am open to that once I get settled in a rig and on the road
  8. Well I went window shopping... I definitely like the class A better. The deciding factor was the “cockpit”. The class C seemed cramped and felt like I was in a uhaul truck! It felt cramped and boxed in. I loved the bigger window to be able to see everything better. So now I will continue to look for the perfect floor plan. As far as the things everyone mentioned about domicile..... I don’t own a home, hence the reason I have decided to do this. I am covered by insurance through the VA as I am a disabled veteran. I am 45 yo and blessed to be able to travel now. I don’t really have any restrictions and will have no bills but my RV payment, insurance and my car insurance. I do plan to finance the RV and have a specific budget for everything so I can I’ll still be able to enjoy my travels. My car that I will be towing is a VW Jetta.... Should I have a Jeep or something like that? My car is great on gas mileage and in great shape. I know I have a lot of questions and I cannot thank everyone enough for being so helpful and kind!! Charolette
  9. Thank you everyone for all the great info and the links. Ok so I will do much more research on the rig! I am actually doing some window shopping today. My next question is.... Should I choose a domicile ( I live in North Carolina) before I purchase the rig? I think maybe choosing another domicile would be easier and cheaper. Does everyone usually choose another state when full time?
  10. So much great information! Couple of things... I can afford a new RV and still be financially secure but if it is better to have the new warranty than doing possible costly repairs from someone else’s negligence then that is a good way to go. Several of you have said “smaller class A”, I have only see very large ones! What exactly do I look for in a smaller class A? As far as my family... 2 sisters and their 3 kids(2 teenagers and a toddler) and I have thought about the tents for them! Hahaha! But that seems kinda rude to invite them and they are in a tent! Good point on seats and seatbelts for them! So many decisions!! Good thing I am giving myself time.
  11. Thank you all! I know their will be repairs needed on new or used and I understand the risk of buying used. What I don’t know is if it’s a good deal for a used one. For example: 2005 Forest River Sunseeker for $19799 with 43k miles and sleeps 4. It is at a dealership. So is this a good deal? I was looking at class C that sleep 6 or 8 for the extra room. My family will only be with me 1-2 weeks a year at most so it will just be me and the dog. I think the class A will be way too much RV for me. I don’t need a whole lot of room as I am minimizing my life drastically for this conversion.
  12. Hi everyone! Well I have decided to give up my brick and mortar and go full time RV living! I have done a lot of research for months now. I have started minimizing and have a checklist and a target date etc. My only stuck point is whether or not to buy new or used. I have read thru all of your forums and many other sites. I am prepared financially with no bills except for the RV payment and cell phone. I will be in the RV for at least a minimum of 4 years to achieve my travel plan and adventures. I will be by myself with my dog. I plan on my family flying to meet me at certain destinations and staying with me for vacations. So any suggestions would be great. Thanks!! Charolette
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