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  1. Fired up the Onan genset this morning to charge batteries. Control panel (Charge, Inverter, etc) showed status as usual. Several minutes later the genny stumbled as under load and the Control panel went dead. A few seconds later it came back on, several minutes later gen stumbles and panel goes dead again. This happened a few times but has not happened in over an hour. Thoughts? Thanks BD
  2. Hi all Not at all familiar with the Diesel fired Hurricane heating system. All seems to work when switched on, no codes off circuit board. Although, it takes a several minutes before any heat comes from the vents. Is this normal for those that are familiar with this system. Thanks BD
  3. We started full timing in 1999 with a few thousand in the bank and NO INCOME! Between Workamping and me doing 95% of mechanical repairs, our road reign lasted 12 years until we settled and purchased a home. Fast forward 8 years. Just sold our home and awaiting delivery of our new to us 39' Motor-home. We're back on the road full-time with our combined SS just over $2,200. a month. Between boondocking in Quartzsite and picking up an occasional Workamping gig, all will be fine. Do it while you can.
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