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  1. Not to revive this thread, wanted to ask: what pellet grills do you recommend for camping? Apart from Traeger, which options do I have? I'm cooking for 2-3 persons usually (also like the portability of the smaller grills), and I'd like to grill steaks, smoke ribs, and have a griddle for pancakes, veggies. Budget is about $500. Have some options on my mind, but would like to hear from you first. update: seems like almost everyone is happy with their Traeger's (unfortunately, it doesn't work for me - got one, used one, had to re-sell it), gladly there were other options mentioned as well. Forgot to add, that I've ordered a GMG since they had a nice discount, and now it's on it's way to me.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcoming, Kirk!
  3. Twice that. Instead of buying a large generator that was hard to move around, I opted for two 2000 watt Champion (found them at Costco, perhaps not the gold standard of the Honda, but for way less money) generators that actually only each offer 1600 watts of clean continuous power. I too use a parallel cord so that I get the benefit of the two and they run my A/C just fine, even at higher altitudes. Having two gives me the option of running just one when I don't need to use the A/C and makes them very portable, even when needing both. Back to the question, I have another idea. Though it might be an absurd one. I have experienced the same problem (cycling too fast) with our 13.5K Duo Therm Brisk Air running on a Portable Honda EU3000i. If your thermostat is like mine, try to switch thermostat to a warmer setting: our cooling used a very fast motion from the start which made generator overload.
  4. Definitely. Air movement is good. It is almost never as humid outside as it is inside a RV. The moisture needs a way out. Without air circulation, when the sun shines on windows and roof, it can warm the RV inside causing a temperature difference which means moisture. And it gets moldy in the result. As Kirk already suggested, you can run a dehumidifier as well ( or A/C in summer). Also there are chemical type dehumidifiers, the ones where you have a bag of crystals over a container and they turn into liquid, works well in a closed vehicle. As for me, to reduce moisture as much as possible, I just put a plastic barrel with water softener (or any) salt in the camper. That really works great!
  5. It's a fantastic one. Perfect for tailgates to cook on or just keep things warm. I also use it frequently to cook brats or italian sausages when I just want a couple for myself. Using it for 5 years already, without any issues.
  6. We ran into this about a year ago. It means that water in your hot water heater has been there too long. Drain and fill a couple times with water and a LITTLE chlorine or bleach in the water. Let it sit in the hot water tank (24 hours) then drain. I always empty the tank after camping now - if we are not camping for more than about 2 weeks, the heater needs to be drained. But be careful as hydrogen sulfide - which produces the odor - can also be present in your fresh water supply.
  7. Not all dogs are friendly, unfortunately. But their owners could be more problematic. In the past we had some serious incidents involving our lab and stranger's dogs. Also I was attacked by an off-leash dog at park recently. The owner refused to put the dog on the leash even after the attack. That's a never ending problem. Large stick, bottle of water, sprayed on them, coat thrown over them, loud noise or even a deodorant sprayed at them might help and that's not prohibited. But please don't kick them, since you may well damage a dog, broken ribs etc.
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