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  1. I own a 2016 Thor Tuscany with a lift system for the TV that hides behind the sofa. Everything is fine (sort of) but when it raises up it tilts a bit due to the worm drives that power it up and down. At least my 40-year old son called them worm-drives (or actuators). Anyway there are two rods that raise and lower the device with motors on the but of each rod. I suspect that one of the motors is slowing down. I have reached out to Thor and will chat with them next week but didn't know if anyone knows about these system. I am too damn lazy (now) to take the cushions off the coach, open up the panels and take pictures (which I know I will need to do). As I said it goes up a bit tilted and goes down fine, but just anticipating that one day it (a) w above.on;t go up or (b) will get stuck or (c) won't come down. Happy to get feedback from anyone, via my email address
  2. we are leaving from Carson City NV heading to Weed, CA and the rout takes us through Lassen National Park and I am wondering if anyone has driven through the area in a Class A motor home Any alternate routes?
  3. as regards the comment we don't know where we want to end up...meant when we are no longer "on the road." Thanks to everyone for your advice, comments, etc.
  4. SWharton, yep the Bushnell address is exactly for what you said and the mail service works great. We've been on the road since October 1st...but my VT insurance company doesn't have a sense of humor, thus the need to pursue options. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reply. The premium in VT is annual. We lived there for 15 years. We don't yet know where we want to end up, (FL,TX,SD) so I am perhaps being penny wise/pound foolish. I also agree that there are "other costs"....just being cheap while we are own the road and hate that VT is forcing me to make a decision. But they are right not to want to insure a vehicle that is not garaged, there. Based on another reply to my initial post, I did get a price in Texas which is essentially the same as VT. Problem is, I have to go back each year for vehicle inspections. A true conundrum. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I cannot get a quote until I get a physical address (which I will try and procure on Monday from Escapees) in order to quote the car insurance. My RV insurance is through National General Insurance as we are FT.
  7. Peggy and I assumed that we would be domiciled in FL and Escapees helped us with the appropriate physical address. My current car (towed vehicle) is registered in VT as is my Class A motor home. My insurance (in VT) wants to car insurance company wants to cancel my insurance because it is not garaged there. So, naturally I got an insurance quote for FL and the policy is $1,900 MORE in FL versus VT. So I have decided to explore changing my domicile from FL to Texas based on the assumption that car insurance would be cheaper. I believe that as regards to taxing social security neither state does and neither has a state income tax. Would anyone be willing to offer advise as to what your experience might have been regarding this? Please feel free to email me. Thanks. Tim and Peggy
  8. I have read through previous forums and discussions. I have talked with RV stores, listened to YOUTUBE videos and have come to the following conclusions. I would appreciate comments on the following: WiFi extenders are one-time purchases and by definition extend and are thus dependent upon the Wifi service at the RV resort. This option, it seems to me, relies on how good the Wifi network is where I am and as a result also shares the bandwidth of the resort. Ultimately it seems that "Hotspots" provided by Verizon, At&T, etc. are the primary and least expensive option and are fundamentally dependent upon the cellular signal and the data plan you subscribe to. Maybe I have boiled this down to a too simplistic conclusion. I am happy to be educated especially by someone that has been on the road longer than we have. We started being full-time at the end of September. Thanks. I am happy to receive/send emails or better yet, it is more fun (and perhaps old school) to actually call and talk on the phone. Thus my number is 603-393-2431.
  9. Looking for advice (and perhaps products) that can boost or allow me to get the Wifi service as provided by each of the various resorts I stay in. I am having to use my Verizon HOTSPOT and I am burning through data usage. Any suggestions, products or solutions? Thanks and Merry Christmas to all. Tim Martin 603 393-2431 would welcome a call. tmpbm79@gmail.com
  10. PS....I have had the "leak" at previous rv place in Sedona....also I shold adjust leveling with slide out, should I?
  11. so I gather you don;t think it is a water line under the floor
  12. Hello. Hope you all had a great Thankgiving. My wife and I own a 2014 Tiffin Allegro (Open Road) - model 36LA. We are experiencing water between the kitchen cabinets and the dinnette. I have spoken with Tiffin and looked in and behind the cabinet (via the furnance duct-near the staiyway) and there is no obvious leak. What is weird about it is that the water will not appear regularly and it appears to on the tile near the dinnette. It will also apprear coming from directly under where the cabinet sits on the floor. I assume that there may be a leak in the water line running to the sink. The problem is I cannot see the line as it presumably is between the insulation board and the floor itself. There is no water dripping under the coach and the water doesn't appear all of the time. We've tryed running the water in the sink to see if it would precipate the leak...nothing. The conundrum is that the only way to actually identify the leak (perhaps) is to take up the floor tile and floor board . That, as you can imagine, would be a major job and completely disruptive to our full-time lifestyle. I have attached a picture of the area and scribbled where water has been present. To reiterate, when I see water near or coming from the cabinet, I have looked inside the cabinet and there is no water coming from anywhere I can see. SO THE MYSTERY and only conclusion I can come up with is that there is a water line under the tile that has a in hole leak and the water is somehow shooting up into the flool and coming through the tile. This, by the way, makes no sense to me. I would welcome any thoughts and would be more than happy to talk with someone. 603-393-2431. We are in El Mirage, AZ.
  13. Ed, Thanks. So the antenna on the roof (of the RV) is fine, but I agree with you about reception. In my prior RV I had a DISH HOPPER which may be the same as the Genie (same technology) but that was 4 years ago. I know some people love Direct TV and then there are the other folks that like Direct TV. Thanks. Wish me luck.
  14. Hello Ed, Peggy and I are getting ready to become full-time. We drive to FL (from VT) to pick up our Class A motorhome. Four years ago we had a DISH Hopper and it was a pain in the neck. The Tiffin Coach has a mounted satellite dish and I think the previous owner used DIRECT TV as the provider and he told me he chose that service because that is what he has in his house. He did say, he would probably switch to DISH . So I have two questions: (1) what service have you and do you use (e.g. DISH or DIRECT) and do you recommend that I buy a tripod and a second DISH. We are both TV-junkies, but painfully recall what a PIA this is. Frankly I don't look forward to the hassle. Further, don't most RV resorts and campgrounds have CATV? Thanks in advance for your advice.
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