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  1. haha...if its not...I won't be buying it! I am not a mechanic OR a handyman! Thanks for the continuing feedback, I have been away for a few days...due to someone turning in front of me and I and my wife becoming human crash test dummies! Yep...you've watched the slow motion videos and you can empathize how I felt hitting a stationary object at a full 45mph! Soooo...now that I am having to buy a new vehicle...my consideration is this... Do I buy an SUV and begin considering a TT again...or stick with my plans to get a Class C and only buy a new vehicle with the intent of selling it when I hit the open road in 4 years? I like the idea someone had about using a pickup bed for secure storage after capping it...but the whole TT whipping down the road gives me pause! ps...sorry if the pic is too big...I don't have a photo editor
  2. Exactly...a fine example of something I hadn't considered...though I will finance before I sell my S&B. I read the article you linked Kirk...and it is still as clear as mud to me. As it states...."domicile" and "residence" seem to be interchangeable terms. Can anyone explain it to me as if I were a child?? (Not too far a stretch) Can I buy a house in any state...and have a domicile address in TX and be tax exempt? Can I spend my f/t days and years in an RV in VA and still claim residency / domicileability in TX and remain Tax exempt? Can I go head, today, and switch my domicile/residency to my daughter's addie in TX and start becoming tax exempt this year? Its all so convoluted! Moving on... What about banks? We current;y are, and have been, banking with a local credit union and we love it. We manage about 6 accounts through them..and I also billpay 100% through them. When I leave the state...is it better to switch to a nationwide accessible bank? I know I will still be able to access them electronically...but if I sell something and someone writes me a check...where do I cash it...where do I deposit it? It would feel very strange not to be able to walk into a my bank and not do business face-to-face...if the need or desire arises. And then...there's black water!! UGHHHH! Speaking of that...does anyone use Planet Fitness or YMCA to $#@!, shower and shave while you are meandering? That is also my plan. I currently have a PF membership but I wonder how populated the USA is with them or if it would be better to get a YMCA membership. I don't see us staying at a campground near as often as I will need to do those things and it will be too easy to hit a gym every other day or so and save my fresh water and avoid any ...<gulp> BLACK water! 🤢 Squeamishly yours... Ain't gonna Be As Long As It Has Been... MontegoMag
  3. Yes...this option appeals to us as well. My wife's oldest lives in Lubbock and will be there long after we are gone. So that is a strong base address for us. I guess, always having had a S&B (puffs up with pride at starting to learn the RV jargon!), I am confused regarding vehicle registration...federal and property taxes...voting locations and all the other things I haven't even thought of that require a "permanent" address. As I said...being a lifelong CNC programmer and machinist...I could very easily pick up part time jobs along the highway at small machine shops. if need be. What do I put down as a residence addie?? <scratchin' my noggun> I am smarter than the average bear...but some of this stuff give my melon a dull ache! Ain't gonna be as long as it has been... MontegoMag
  4. Yes, I will turn 65 and start my SS and my Medicare all at the same time. I don't know how it all works yet...but its on my list of things to find out! I'll have to find out more about this because that sounds like a very doable option! Thanks! Here is where I am showing my ignorance! I HAVE toured the 2019 24V and yes...like it very much. I was not aware the V didn't make its appearance until 2014. But when I retire in 2023...that will be just right! LOL I can live in a cave...as long as O have a frige...TV...computer and a LazyBoy! My wife on the other hand.... If I go much slower...I'll be backin up! haha Thanks...you have all welcomed me very warmly and I appreciate all the imput!! Keep it coming! Actually Tyler is one of the first cities I explored...and for the medical facilities specifically. I am a diabetic and do have some complications from that and healthcare availability is a major consideration. And while we want to be near a city of 100-200K...we will be looking toward the suburbs and countryside surrounding those cities. We have kids in Corpus...Lubbock...Mule Shoe and Evansville, IN. So Tyler seemed like a good fit. And when I learned of all the extensive medical care available...it moved to the front of the line. I understand what everyone is sayingm as far as taking our time to see the country and all it has to offerm but I have been to every state and Canada and Mexico. It isn't as if I havent already seen a lot of it. But our choice to settle in East Texas is more a matter of spreading ourselves out more evenly among our 6 kids and 22 grands than it is finding the ideal area to sette in. As far as that goes...I am a beach bum and my wife is a mountain mama! Where we have currently live is ideal for both. I am 5 minutes from the beach and 3 hours from the Appalachians. So we will never agree on the "ideal" place to settle. If I had my way...I'd move to Peru and rid myself of seasons altogether!! LOL I can stand 75-85 degrees year round with 1500 miles of beach! Again...keepthe imput coming and I'll ask questions as I think of them....like... Black water dumping...UGH! Ain't gonna be as long as it has been... MontegoMag
  5. Heya Folks...first post here. I have spent most of the day thumbing through the newbie folder and I can't find a thread that fits my exact situation so I'll lay it on ya and see what I uncover! I am a machinist by trade and I am counting down the time I have left to retire (Jan 2023)! I currently have a mortgage with my wife and we live in Virginia Beach area. Once we retire...we hope to relocate to the mid-west...somewhere below the snow belt...probably East Texas. We have kids and grands in TX, IN, IL, NC, KY and CA so we hope to buy a home somewhere centrally located. Plus it looks like TX is a retirement friendly state. My thoughts at this time is to consider... Selling our house and contents (early spring 2023) Buying a used Class C RV (summer 2022) Currently leaning toward a 2008-2010 Winnebago View 24V. (Love the king sized rear bed!) Hitting the road at a leisurely pace and checking out different areas to settle down (spring 2023) Texarkana area...Gulf Coast area...Ozarks...Lake Texoma...San Antonio area...etc? Buy a retirement home...and start accumulating STUFF again! (fall/winter 2023) Probably selling the RV in favor of a pontoon boat if we find a waterfront home. I know it seems a bit early...but I don't know how much I don't know and I figure it is better to start planning now than to wait until we buy an RV to begin our learning curve. We have walked through a Class B...too small. Neither of us want to consider driving a Class A. So whatever Class C we decide on, we'd like it to be as stealthy/streamlined as possible as we won't be settling in an urban setting. We will be visiting the small towns and byways, looking to take advantage of great peaceful areas...and hopefully a well maintained Estate sale on a house. You just can' do that by spending week long vacations before-the-fact and driving rental cars around from a hotel base. That's why we are now considering the RV to make a 4/6 month transition to our retirement home. I guess that's about it for now. Of course, I have a million questions but I will spend some more time searching the threads that already address them before hounding you too much more. I guess the immediate question I have is regarding an address to use while we are on the road. Can we just claim one of our kid's addresses in TX until we buy a place? Seriously...if y'all can think about those issues that are MUST consider items before we even go down this road....throw it out there! Ain't gonna be as long as it has been... MontegoMag
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