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  1. ok pm to exile waiting to see if he gets back to me. i thanked the super for getting back to me. i'm going to let him retire and start over. i have everything Jack has listed on his website. maybe i can go straight to someone in Austin.
  2. i was just going to pm him ill pay for his help.. just want you to know he's been doing this 27 yrs and knows what he's doing..also said mh needs chassis coverage
  3. socal thinking about what you said,they are a trade group i would think UL listed would be a higher standard. just a thought.BUT he want to see a sticker. dont confuse me with logic just show me the sticker.
  4. thanks socal...this guy IS by THE BOOK ..retires next week
  5. waco supervisior just called said he would not approve the change unless i could show him were the microwave ,heater and frig had a sticker that said it meets ANSI, standards for rec vehicles...also didn't know what private truck was he said a truck tractor was 1 thing a cmv.
  6. I asked if I had a school bus and did the mods would it not be a mh I didn't change the outside of the bus...exile did send me contact in Austin when the supervisor seen it that's when he told the clerk to copy the pics and let Tamara handle it ... I hope I spelled her name right..I pointed out that it only said cooking facility with on board fuel source most people cook with microwave and it has shore power..
  7. Big 5er was right can't or refuse to read their own manuals and make a decision
  8. Waco district said no can't do it showed them pages from reg. Manual got supervisor he had his list of the mods I showed him the pics told me microwave didn't count in his as food prep.. Had clerk copy all my pics send them to. Austin waiting for there review. Also said I didn't change the truck cab so its still a truck tractor
  9. i covered rear frame with marine plywood added a pic to my folder just in case someone say mh chassis has to be covered it doesn't say enclosed
  10. thanks Big5er,Exile and Jack for all there help . and on a lighter note how do i put a pic of my truck on my profile keeps saying file to large.
  11. thanks exile im going to print this put in my folder when i go title the truck..going to find the 4 things and their requirements just to have all the ammo i need..i take it the oc code is where i get the specs.
  12. was talking with a tx dps officer about using my truck as mh he said your only trouble i might have is cities and counties are getting certified to do dot inspections and may not know the rules and may not contact dps for guidance any thoughts...... big 5er....
  13. all good information... i have everything i think could use some advice on vtr 61 form -key words on the mods iv done for the people behind the desk...im waiting for my apportion tag to expire was told if i keep it a year i would not have to pay sales tax when i retag it as a mh. i have a class a cdl and am changing its status so i will not need a medical card...thanks again everyone
  14. can i just go to polk co. i live 30 mi west of waco
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