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  1. I am seeing if anybody has run two window ac's in the back doors of their vans. I finally seen a Dodge Ram conversion van with two air conditioners in the back doors of the van, but they looked like small btu ac's. I am running two window ac's in the back of my 1990 Ford Econoline van. One is a 10,000 btu a.c. and the other is a 8,000 btu a.c. so combined the van has 18,000 btu's to make the inside of the van a meat locker.
  2. Generac added a oil cooler to the QP 40 rv generator ,it's the newer one's that are painted black. I don't know if that fixed the overheating problem. I really believe taking the muffler out of the housing would make it run cooler.
  3. Generac QP 40 rv generator that overheats at about 90F or hotter outside is just one thing of many things i have searched on the internet and wasted many hours of time to not find the answer sometimes all night long and not find the answer. The internet has let me down many times. So i had to figure out the stuff by myself. I figure that i should make posts, and videos for my YOUTUBE channel of stuff that i can't find on the internet. Thanks Steve W.
  4. I am not sure if i am too late to this conversation. The QP 40 generator muffler should have it's own compartment just like all enclosed rv generators. The muffler compartment needs to be the very last compartment before the air blows out the bottom. I believe the muffler need to be taking out, and a exhaust pipe made that bolts to the engine, and goes out the bottom of the housing. The part of the exhaust pipe that is inside of the housing i would wrap it good with exhaust insulation wrap. The exhaust pipe i make come out the bottom of the housing i would run it away from the generator as far as i can and mount the muffler that i took out of the generator or better yet mount a automotive muffler. That should stop the overheating problem, or at least help.
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