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  1. Decided against reupholstering because the current sectional frame is not worth the cost to reupholster. I did check this option and it will cost about the same (or more) to reupholster the piece as purchasing a new sofa. Very disappointed in DRV...absolutely no help.
  2. We do not do any of the social networking sites...by choice. Maybe we are the "chosen one" to have issues with DISH. We are Dish outdoors customers so the app isnt much help. Husband thinks they are terrible to us because we dont use them at our S & Bs. Whatever the case, they are on our short list.
  3. Have Dish Outdoors for several years now (own our satellite and receiver). IMO (for what its worth) we still have to call them every time to activate our receiver and to get the local channels. There is always a very long wait, disconnects several times, talking to CSRs that speak very broken english, detest the automated answering system, more disconnects....very frustrating. If there were any other viable options (not Direct TV) Dish would be gone. It is so painful that we take that into consideration before moving our rig. They are the absolute worst! I have learned that if you say "I want to pay my bill", you will actually get a real person to talk to...but they may not speak much english! They are more than ready to take your money at any time but are also very adept at addressing your requests extremely painful.
  4. We are also in Missouri! Enjoy your first time out...it will only make you want to go more. Definitely wont need a coat. Let everyone know how it goes!
  5. Really would like the L shaped sectional...like the way it divides the living space. La Z boy is great and we will purchase recliners from them but they don't have a sectional that will work in the space.
  6. Looking for a sectional sofa for DRV 38RESB fifth wheel. Will only consider fabric..no plastic leather or leather. Have been unable to find a replacement online or retail that will fit in the space...and DRV has been no help. Such a disappointment. We are in central Missouri. psmiller@socket.net
  7. OH my....such an pitiful looking "old goat"...tee hee!
  8. Guardianship is a good idea...even better is DPOA legal/finances, DPOA medical AND advanced directives. As a nurse, I am amazed at the number of elderly people that DO NOT have these documents in place BEFORE they are needed. All these forms are available from your state Attorney General free and do not require that you hire an attorney to complete...just witnesses. If you have an aging parent or family member please take the time to sit down with them and complete this...chances are you will need it. Driving is another matter. I have a 96 yr old WWII vet Dad who is very good. He is independent without driving, mobile, walks 2 miles per day and is able to stay in his home with our support. His short term memory is very bad and he would get lost...or forget where he was going...or lose his way home. His Dr was instrumental in our taking the keys but he still calls/asks daily when he can drive again. It is a struggle every day...however, I sleep better at night knowing he is not capable of getting into a vehicle and putting both himself and others in danger. Falls have not been an issue with him (thankfully) so I really cant comment on the alert devices. Those like us with elderly parent(s) are very fortunate to still have them...taking good care of them is both a challenge and a privilege..
  9. 33CKRSB Premiere 35 ft length Located in central Missouri
  10. Selling our 06 beautiful HitchHiker Premiere fifth wheel.. Excellent condition with 4 slides,, very clean and well maintained. Many factory upgrades in 2016 including new roof, micro/convection oven, front nose paint ,new entry side graphics, new brakes and bearings, 17.5 wheels and Goodyear H tires including spare, 2nd a/c. $19,000. or OBO...need to sell! Contact me for pics. 573 220 2213
  11. Please reply if you have ideas for this repair.
  12. Yes...and yes! 2013 RESB3 with water intrusion from cracked caulk/sealant and now delamination on the kitchen slide behind the beltline molding. Will recaulk but not sure how to repair the delamination.Obviously out of warranty. Could use recommendations or past fixes that worked for other owners. So disappointed.
  13. Be sure to grab some wonderful maple syrup while in Vermont!
  14. Want to replace the sectional sofa in our DRV RESB3 but cant find anything retail that will fit in the space, DRV doesn't offer the sofa in fabric (only pleather). Might use a modular system to build a sectional but will change the short side length so we don't have to dismantle/move it for travel. Have mostly exhausted the retail search...just not out there. Seems quality RV furniture could be a thriving business for someone.
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