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  1. Hi all, my dog has taken a serious turn for the worse... possible brain tumor. I am focused on him right now and will answer questions once things have calmed down here. Thanks for all of your help!!!
  2. No worries rynosback! It’s totally ok, I appreciate when someone tries to help out... I have had a hectic week and my dog has fallen ill very suddenly. So I’m fairly stressed. I actually called dodge and gave them our vin and gave them info on the modifications to our truck... the tow capacity for our truck is 22,000 lbs. and our gear ratio has been adjusted to haul the weight. My husband knows the specifics on that. So I’m feeling confident that we can pull the trailer. Thanks though for all the information and links to sources! It’s very helpful!!
  3. And thanks again to everyone for trying to help and adding your advice and opinions! I truly appreciate this community of people!!!
  4. thanks for that info Dutch. i wasn’t trying to keep my particulars from you on what kind of truck we have, but I have done serious research on these and only wanted to know if someone had one to sell... but just to be polite and respond.. we have a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 single rear mega cab. It has a 8” lift with 38” tires. We bought it from Oregon as is. We like it how it is, hence why we bought it. It wasn’t until after we bought it that we decided to get a rv. We are getting a 2015 grand design momentum 385th and it’s a fifth wheel. We did a price comparison for lowering and smaller tires, verse a flat bed and smaller tires, and the ASH. All right around the same price... and we would rather not remodify our truck. it has the capacity to pull all the weight so that’s not an issue... and we worked with the rv dealer on figuring out what our bed height had to be to safely tow the rig without hitting the bed rails etc... So the reason for wanting it is so we don’t have to remodify our truck. Not so we can pull more weight then our trucks capacity and not because we think it makes pulling an rv better... even though after doing all my research and talking with several owners I do believe it will make it better and safer. But that is solely an opinion not something someone can base on facts... because that’s like saying seatbelts are safer... they can be but they can also kill you in instances where if you weren’t belted in you would have lived. So there’s always pros and cons to things and at the end of the day.. if we don’t like it after we have used it we can sell it and do something else. Trial and error.. I like living and learning and this is the path We want to take right now. so this is where we are now... looking for one to buy that’s used so we can save money.
  5. Thank you for your advice and opinions. And so very true Darryl and Rita!! These are hard to find... people who own them don’t tend to sell them. I’ve done my due diligence on researching the automated safety hitch and after seeing all the negative and all the positive and talking with people who own them and talking with the inventor.... I’m confident this is what we want. The cost difference of remodifying our truck, getting a flat bed or and smaller tires verse this thing is pretty close and we would rather not have to lower the truck and get all new tires.. or a flat bed. Also as far as the length goes... Included with each unit sold is a notarized letter indicating the regulatory compliance in 9 countries and regions stating that the Automated Safety Hitch System is classified as a lift/drop axle, not as a trailer. Therefore, registration with state and county motor vehicle departments are not required. The letter also states that the additional seven to nine feet should not be added because “the length of devices determined to be necessary for safe and efficient operation should be excluded.” Several states have laws that exempt the lift/drop axle from the length limitation. Jamieson said that none of his customers have reported being ticketed for length violations and that was confirmed by the customers I interviewed for this report. Customers surveyed also revealed that the Safety Hitch has been used in nearly every state and Canada without any problem. so I am also not concerned there. Yes it will make going to certain places more tricky but that’s ok. I am posting everywhere I can on rv sites looking for one cause they are so hard to find. So if anyone comes across one please let me know. thanks!!!
  6. Hi all. Hope I’m posting this in the right place. Instead of having our truck lowered and getting smaller tires we want to get one of these. If anyone has one to sell please let me know!! Thanks for any and all help!!
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