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  1. NO experience with campers. I don't see a clean out so I'd would need a plumber to tie in the septic tank. My lot is slightly sloped so I would also need to level out a parking spot I'd assume gravel would be fine? That would put me about 30ft from the house with the water spigot and 80ft from the setpic tank. I suppose I could get closer but then I'll need to tear up the yard and level that out. The town has no zoning so I don't think there is any issue with setting something like this up. We recently found out we have a mold issue and it's making me sick. So I want to get out asap and get it ripped out cleaned up and rebuilt. Probably a new roof, 2 new bathrooms and a few interior walls/ceilings. I have looked at just buying another place but nothing new is out there. We want to stay in the small town for the school that we are in now. We may also build a new house while staying in the rv. Either on the same property or another lot. We have 2 young kids 1 and 4 thats why I assume they would eventually like a class C instead. Assuming the wife would too if we start vacationing with it. I'm just not sure if it would be big enough for a long stay. The apartment may work or renting a house but there just isn't much around. And with my luck lately I would just be going into similar issues.
  2. My idea is to get either a 5th wheel or travel camper while my existing house gets an overhaul. How close should the rv be to the house? I'm not sure if I'll need to tie into the septic or not how much would that cost? I may still be able to use the bathrooms. Definitely would want water and electric hooked up with AC so I've seen a 50 amp hookup would be needed. I'm hoping to be out of it by winter but still thinking of getting a winter package setup in case. Something in the 30k-45k range. I've only been to one dealer so far they had Grand Design, anyone have any thoughts on them? I'm not sure how long I'd end up keeping it may want a class C eventually. What kind of depreciation after a year or 2 after buying new? What holds there value more 5th wheel or travel trailer? I didn't talk any numbers yet but after looking at rvdirect that should at least give me some idea on where I should be. Thanks for any advice.
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