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  1. That's what we've been finding. However the place Darryl&Rita recommended is only $30/month. Much less than paying for a camp site for a week.
  2. Thanks Darryl&Rita. I will give Curtis a call.
  3. Figured short-term storage may be cheaper than paying for a camp site for a week.
  4. We will be in Arizona in December and will be flying back to California for work for about a week. We are looking for short-term RV storage recommendations in either the Phoenix or Tucson areas. If you have any recommendations we would greatly appreciate them. Thank you! Eric
  5. Thanks Kirk! I guess I should have just done this in the first place. For anyone else who may be interested, they told me there is a Form 270 on the Escapees website that you can mail in with your registration documentation which will exempt you from the vehicle inspection requirement until you actually travel into Texas. Once you do arrive in Texas you have 3 days to get your vehicle/RV registered, but until you physically get there, there is no need for a vehicle inspection. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  6. Not yet, but we will once we decide for sure which state we will be setting up our domicile in.
  7. Thank you Kirk, I will be calling them today. Thank you for providing the phone number.
  8. Thank you Russ, I had seen that site and had basically ruled out TX until I had two other full-timers tell me that they were able to register in TX without having the vehicle inspected in TX. I am trying to confirm from someone within the Escapees community who has been able to do the same thing. Cheers!
  9. Hello all! My wife and I currently live in CA and are exploring which state we are going to establish our domicile in. We are looking at the Big 3 and our preference, for a variety of reasons, would be TX. Everything we have read so far says that our truck and trailer must physically get to TX to be inspected before we can register them. Their current CA registrations expire in July and we will not be able to get them to TX (or SD or FL) before July. In another forum two people said they were able to register their RV's in TX without having them inspected in TX and they both recommended I ask in the forums here. Is anyone able to confirm if this is accurate and if so, how exactly we would go about doing that? We are not Escapee members yet but plan on joining once we finally leave. We have sold our house and are making final arrangements with employers, etc. so we are hoping it will be by summer. Thanks in advance for any input! Cheers!
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