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  1. For anyone curious about the aggressive breed friendly parks. I called good Sam and thousand trails and they were able to find a few. I understand concerns behind the breeds. People are understandably fearful especially confined spaces like most rv parks. We once were RVing in a state park with our pb on a 3 ft least laying in the sun napping. An older couple came up to us in out site and yelled at us for owning a breed of dog that could put them in the emergency room at any second (while they were walking their dog without a leash). It's frustrating at times dealing with these kind of comments but we continue to try to set a good example that owners of such breed can control then with proper training.
  2. Being a large dog owner is difficult. We always get comments like the above few. Lol Thank you to everyone that took the thread seriously.
  3. Interesting. I'm currently in Washington. I will look into that. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hello I recently have accepted a job in Portland OR and my family and I are considering living in our rv for 1 year before purchasing a house. We consist my wife and I, our 3 year old son, and our two big dogs a French mastiff and pitbull. I work in insurance and understand the aggressive history behind the breed and insurance restrictions. We would be looking to find a koa type park that has a fenced dog park. I just am not having any luck finding any within 1.5hrs of Portland Oregon that accept pit bulls If anyone knows of any or could give us any advice it would be much appreciated.
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