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  1. True. Your buddy actually spent $25,075 for his first week skiing.
  2. IMHO. Why put more holes in your roof then you have too.
  3. True. But family history does tilt the odd towards my favor. Let's bring this up again in 25 years so we can compare notes? 😀
  4. In my case, I'm healthy. No past health problems. Height and weight for a 66 year old are within norms. Grandpa lived to 99 and dad to 92, both died in their sleep and nether had any health problems that prevented them from enjoying life. On the wife's side, one grand mother lived to 93 and the other to 103. Her mother is still going strong. Wife had her female plumbing removed and bladder rehung. So in our case working a few more years, delaying Social Security checks for a few more years will provide for a bigger retirement nest egg for us. Your mileage will vary.
  5. I don't understand why some folks would go to the expense of purchasing a rig, hauling it to a vacation camp spot, setting it up and maintaining just so they could watch TV at a different location.
  6. A search didn't return any toy haulers with bathroom only. How about a cargo trailer and you add the bathroom, water and a black tank?
  7. Why wait to retiree? Because it wasn't until age 63 the I was 100% vested in work's pension plan. Because if I retired before the wife qualified for Medicare, she would have no insurance. Because downsizing the house was a part of my retirement financial plan. Wife cried at the thought so I had to work longer to make up for keeping the house. Because every year I wait the higher the Social Security payout would be.
  8. Suing the airline only because it has deeper pockets, bigger pay out for the Attorney. IMHO
  9. I'm confused and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. If they make their money off the financing and extended warranties why do they want $300 from you?
  10. "You need help? "YES! While I finish setting up could you pull out the cassette black tank and dump it? It overflowed on the trip here and...wonder where the 'help' went?" 😀
  11. Unplug the power cord and go! Only connect gray/black when tanks are full, dump and then disconnect.
  12. That is not how I read Kirk W's post. I read it as it isn't a good idea to put yourself (a man) in a situation (no supporting witnesses) with an unknown woman. In today's climate all it would take would be an accusation (from the woman) and the man's life and reputation would be ruined.
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