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  1. All of you are so supportive, yay! The thought of this is exhilarating and terrifying, both! Health care is definitely a thing to consider, & I'm currently researching it. RVer Insurance Exchange has a lot of good info. I've built into our expected budget $800 a month for the two of us (healthy, no pre-existing conditions), so hopefully that will get us decent coverage.
  2. Hi Joe, Re: SF, tips are based on a few things. How long are you visiting? Where are you staying? Are you bringing your RV? The general area is awesome, you may only want to spend a day or two in the actual City, then explore many of the other places (that are more RV friendly) in a radius of SF. I"m sure you know but the City is a place to avoid in an RV (unless it's a smaller van/B rig) because it's a difficult city to drive in. I would stay outside the city & either disconnect or Lyft to a BART or similar to get into the City proper. Happy to help, more. New to this forum but if it's an option here, feel free to pm me.
  3. We love RVing, we’re 43/44, childfree by choice, & tired of the grind & high cost of living in our area. We want to take a sabbatical from the grind & travel the country full time for a few years while we’re still young & capable. We own a home in a suburb of San Francisco that we love but that needs a lot of maintenance & upgrades as it’s an older home (built in 1938). I am a teacher, hubby is a mechanic, I have 16 years of service credit toward retirement, hubby has never really saved for retirement. We are considering selling our home, which would net us approx $500k. We currently have a 26’ class A that is great but not up for a few years on the road, so we would be looking at getting a used short (32’) DP that we would pay cash for. We would then target investing $400k to hopefully earn some interest on and use later to buy another home in a less ridiculous area in terms of cost of living. We would absolutely have our portfolio managed by a pro since we have no investment acumen to speak of. We would attempt to use any interest and some savings to live off of while traveling, with an anticipated monthly budget of approx $3k. We plan to go back to work in a few years, since I’ll want to bolster my pension with more service years. We are not averse to working on the road but would start off just sightseeing & see if some mobile income becomes viable eventually. There are more details I’m leaving out but this is the skeleton of our plan. Is this just nuts and super risky or reasonable?
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