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  1. We do a walk through of the Keystone Carbon 364 Toy Hauler (38' 3 slides). This is pretty significant for us because we have been looking into a new rig for awhile. There have been a few issues that have been adding up with our 2015 Keystone Cougar 313 ril and we thought our stay in our home town of Simi Valley would be a great time to take a look at new rigs. Here's a list of the issues we are having with our current rig. 1. Separate office space. 2. on board generator. 3. Fresh water capacity. 4. Good storage area for our bikes. 5. A place for quests to stay when visiting. 6.Being able to easily walk around the bed. There are a few others things that we have considered also, this is just a walk through. When RVing full-time smaller problems often seem as larger ones, so we figured we should address them as soon as possible. Also buying your first rig is extremely stressful and you can never find everything you want. Hope you enjoy the video!
  2. We pull out of our dispersed camping location near Mammoth Lakes California. It was not too bad getting out of our spot, having a larger 5th wheel we ALWAYS need to be careful of our over head height. While on the drive home we reflect and talk about how we feel about being back. We hit the road in order to see what this country had to offer. Melissa and myself have never left our home town for longer than a couple weeks, this was quite the experience. Returning to our home town of Simi Valley California we have a mixed bag of emotions. Hope you enjoy the video and please stay tuned into to the channel to see what happens with our full-timing lifestyle!!
  3. We checked it out about 1.5 months ago, that place was torn up, super crowded. They now have a 5 day limit in peak season. Unfortunately the internet has taken it's toll.
  4. Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest is quite amazing, lot's of sage brush and rolling hills. We stop here for a quick night , the higher elevation helps with the extreme summer heat. In the morning we bring the drone up real quick just to take a look around. After 6 months we are finally back in California it's a strange feeling, it's the longest we have ever been away from California and our home town of Simi Valley. We find a great boondocking spot inside Inyo National forest just a 10 minute drive from Mammoth Lakes CA. While we are there for only a week, we get a bit too relaxed with our water supply and end up running out! Hope you enjoy this video!
  5. While boondocking outside of Grand Teton National Park, some of our new friends invite us downhill mountain biking at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Unfortunately we end up taking a wrong turn on our drive to the resort which leads to a huge delay. We show up one hour late and decide that we don't want to spend 70.00 for one hour of riding and rental (Normally it's two hours for 70.00). Instead we get a recommendation from the bike shop to hike up to the top of the ski mountain and take the gondola back down for free. They said if we hurried we could make it before dark! It's an adventure, in the description below Ill include the information about the trail. Hope you enjoy the video!
  6. Boondocking outside Grand Teton National Park has its perks! We have a meet up with multiple full-time families, at the same time we make new friends that happen to be new to full-timing. Ryan and Jeff sold everything in Arizona, bought trailers and moved up to Wyoming to be river float guides on the Snake River. We also reconnect with Kyle Nugent, a full-timer that we met in Maine roughly 2 months earlier! He is traveling the country hitting one baseball field at a time. We happened to stay in touch, told him we would be in the area and he came by! Kyle is an avid fly fisherman and he decided to give me some lessons, but I was only interested in flying the drone! This video is a great one, make sure you watch till the end! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️Hit that subscribe and like button⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  7. We take the journey from Deadwood South Dakota to Wyoming just outside Grand Teton National Park. The drive is quite long and when we arrive we are super tired. While looking for a good camping spot with decent cell phone service, we go down a road we shouldn't have been on with our 5th wheel. Getting out of this area requires a steep uphill rutted road and four wheel drive! The following day I drive into town and reflect on the great dirt road driveways we have had lately! We head over a near by camp to meet some other RVers that we were in touch with on Instagram. This area is absolutely beautiful and might be my favorite place in the country. We are looking forward to exploring the area for the next week! Hope you enjoy the video! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  8. We start out at Mount Rushmore. Neither of us have been before. It's a little bit of a shock to realize how commercialized it is. This National Memorial is massive! Carved in the Black Hills of South Dakota this sculpture is about 60 feet tall. Definitely a sight to see! Then we head over to Keystone, SD which a super cool town. We had so much fun with Jason and Rae talking about RV life that it ended up being a 5 hour lunch at Ruby House Restaurant. This was a pretty big deal for us because these guys were a huge inspiration to us when we started full timing. We are both originally from Simi Valley, California and we thought it was so cool to see someone we knew from real life get out there and start RVing. Very inspirational! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  9. We are in the Black Hills of South Dakota, boondocking for a few nights and doing some hiking. We start off with a hike to the Friendship tower that was created in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. Boondocking in this area is absolutely amazing we are loving the clean air and the beauty. The next day we wake up bight and early to make our hour long drive south to Custer State Park. Its near Mt Rushmore where we end up driving the Needles Hwy to Custer state park. We decide to hike Black Elk Peak formerly know as Harney Peak. The views are endless and it feels great to be back on dirt hiking trails. Hope you enjoy this video! Please feel free to give it a share!
  10. After camping a few days right outside the park we finally venture in, right off the bat we see a large bison. Going further into to the National Park the drive is quite breathtaking. The winding roads, mountains and bright blue skies. We drive through the whole park and end up hiking the Notch Trail, it's short at 1.33 miles but the views are amazing. Back at camp we have an amazing experience with the big horn sheep! They come out of no where and completely surround the whole trailer. Our time at this boondocking spot comes to and end, we carefully take the muddy road out what we call "the secret entrance / exit". It works great and we make it out with no problems, then we have a great drive to our next boondocking spot Northwest of Deadwood South Dakota. Here we plan to hike in Custer State Park, hit Mount Rushmore, visit Deadwood and meet up with friends. Hope you enjoy the vlog, let me know what you think!
  11. We are still boondocking just outside Badlands National Park, after noticing that our bicycles are leaning, with more inspection we realize our trailer bumper is falling off! The trailer bumper is rated for way more weight than we are carrying but we also agree that it is not designed for everyday use. We decide to remove all the weight and load everything through out the trailer and the truck. Has this happened to you? Later that day we finally fly our newly acquired drone! We had a drone gifted to us for free! A couple of our good friends had quite a few drone's and thought we would put it to good use! Thanks Vince and Tim we love it. Obviously it will take a lot of fly time to get really good smooth footage but it's just so much fun. It's an older DJI Phantom 3 Professional, it works perfectly after some long over due updates. Hope you enjoy the Vlog! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  12. Wall Drug Store is one of America's most popular roadside attractions.(Tourist trap) While driving through multiple states the billboards start almost 300 miles away. This drug store has almost anything you can think of, cafe, clothing, supplies, boots, camping gear, magnets and anything that you would see at your typical tourist store. After they abruptly closed their doors Melissa and I discuss what we thought about the experience. The next morning Melissa wakes up nice and early to see an absolutely amazing sunrise. ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  13. We make it to an epic Boondocking spot just outside of Badlands South Dakota! We finish our drive to Badlands national Park (well just outside of the park), before we get there we camp on the Missouri River. We are so excited to be out west again, more Boondocking! The Boondocking spot we land at is just outside Badlands National Park and it's absolutely amazing. Camped on the edge of a cliff, we plan on staying in this location for a week! The roads were quite muddy getting in but, but of course the Ram made it. After we dropped the trailer, of course I had to do a little off roading! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  14. We are still DRIVING! From New York to South Dakota. Due to some work obligations in California, we need to be home by the end of August. Along the way, we encounter many thunderstorms, get some Starbucks and cheese (I know it's a strange combo). This is not your typical road tripping video! Melissa does jumping jacks to burn off some pent up energy and we enjoy delicious cheese "turds!!" ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
  15. We start to make our huge push across the United States, we need to be in California by the end of the month, so that gives us roughly 3 weeks to make it from New Hampshire. We start out with some pretty crazy weather, we think we dodged a tornado but were not sure, stopping for some Dunkin Donuts. Eventually we end up camping at Walmart near Niagara Falls New York. The following day we ride our bikes to see the amazing waterfall. ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!*** https://www.youtube.com/c/adventureen...
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