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  1. High mileage trip with your RV this is what we went through. Escaping summer season in the south we leave Pensacola Florida and take a 1500 mile road trip to New Hampshire. In an attempt to surprise our cousin for her high school graduation, along the way camp at Cabelas, driving through Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, west Virginia, Pennsylvanian, Connecticut New York and eventually landing in New Hampshire. Hope you enjoy this epic road trip, feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!
  2. Great info thank you! We are planning to spend a week around Burlington, Will that be long enough?
  3. Thanks for the advice I remember my parents talking about the Kancamagus when I was younger ill have to take the drive!
  4. Enjoying our extended stay in Pensacola, Florida. Melissa's uncle takes us to see the Blue Angels at the National Naval Aviation Museum. Later that evening, he surprises us with a private helicopter tour from Ferguson Airport with Hang Ten Helicopters. Blue Angels are a must see and free!!! The helicopter tour was amazing if you can afford it!
  5. We just arrived in New Hampshire, looking for recommendations for the surrounding area. We think we will be doing a loop up through Maine, around to Vermont and then back to New Hampshire. Places? Must sees? Camp spots? ( We love boondocking which will be difficult?) We have a 34 foot 5th wheel! thanks!
  6. We hit the road, packing up at Fair hope Alabama and headed to Pensacola Florida. Once we arrive at our campsite we go meet with uncle Rex for a tour of the National Naval Aviation Museum. Pensacola has so much to offer!
  7. Making a push to Florida we stop in Pass Christian Mississippi at a beach front Walmart. ( the best Walmart to date) Staying at another Boondockers Welcome In Fair Hope Alabama, ends up being an amazing experience on the river. Hopefully this information helps next time you are in the area.
  8. Couple of nice rigs there, I think we are sticking with a 5er time will tell!
  9. My wife works full-time with her company. She has to always be working on CA hours. In the beginning it seemed like a pain in the but because we were so excited to be on the road. I feel like its great now because we have some sort of routine. We have been on the road for 3 months, she uses a Verizon phone and hotspot. We have very little issues with cell coverage, but we check the coverage before we go to a new location with Open Signal ( its an app). Hope this helps!
  10. We are nearing the end of our time in New Orleans Louisiana. We go into New Orleans for the Garden District and the National World War Museum. When in the Garden District defiantly give yourself enough time to walk around the multiple streets. Also with the National World War Two Museum give yourself at least a whole day, we only had a few hours and it felt quite rushed. We did go on memorial day though. Hopefully this information helps next time you are in NoLa.
  11. Thank you, she's going to talk to her work and see what they say.
  12. Definitely some great options out there, as of now we move weekly!
  13. Thanks for the advice we have! We want to travel and move around for a while then I would definitely love to camp host!
  14. Everyone's situation is different, hopefully my response didn't conce off as rude (I was not trying to be what so ever). We just have a slightly different look on life after route 91.
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