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  1. A Canine Gem, is a local dog rescue located in Burlington Vermont, our Boondockers welcome hosts help foster and find homes for the cute pups. We stayed here foe a long weekend, it's quite amazing to see how they interact and treat these dogs. The dogs are mostly from the south, come from very bad situations. Go give there site a look, remember always consider adoption! We hike Mt Mansfield Vermont's highest mountain, luckily this time we are allowed to bring our rescue and hiking buddy Zamboni. It's quite windy, foggy and even raining a little but we don't let that stop us!
  2. In Burlington Vermont we ride our bikes along their amazing bike paths it's a must, first stop is Ethan Allen Park. Very historical area, we fight the extreme heat and decide to head down to Lake Champlain and go for a swim. The lake is amazing, temperature, the sand its a great top off to an awesome day. Make sure you watch till the end! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!***
  3. We hike Mount Katahdin in Maine, inside Baxter State Park. We start out at Wilderness Edge Campground in Millinocket Maine. The hike is super challenging, we decide to go up the extreme route of Knife's Edge trail. Melissa (my wife) has a mild panic attack, due to a section of trail called the Chimney. 15-20 feet of pure vertical climbing without ropes. We carry on, the trail is grueling, takes us close to 10 hours and 10 miles. In the end we feel super accomplished, if you decide to do this trail do your research. You need to get a parking permit for the hike or be camping inside the park. We are experienced and the storms can be deadly. ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!***
  4. In this vlog we get our Science on, we head to DownEast institute in Jonesport Maine on Beal's island. Once we are there we get a great tour they teach us about soft shell clams, razor clams, lobsters, scallops and oysters. They do research and also have a hatchery where they keep the population up. There was so much to learn and we had an amazing time. Then we had to Ingersoll Point Preserve to do some hiking. It's an amazing trail that goes through very thick woods, on a cliff side and eventually down to the beach. We have a great time and we are getting excited for what we have planned next, make sure you tune in! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!***
  5. Maine is beautiful, spending time at our families place in Jonesport Maine we admire the amazing cloud formations, head back to Acadia National Park. We do a very intense bike ride, and enjoy the Schoodic Peninsula portion of Acadia. You need to go to Acadia, we wonder why no one is talking about this National Park, Its a top 5 for me! We love our little RV Life, hopefully you enjoy this video!
  6. Maine is beautiful, fun, vast, expansive, breath taking, we see it from a different perspective Off-Road! We take a great trail from JonesPort towards Lubec and Quoddy Head State Park in Maine. We also get very close to the Canadian border, but someone has forgotten his passport! We explain why we love Canada and go for a great hike with amazing views! ***Feel free to subscribe and hit that like button!***
  7. Well we are back at it again spending time with family in Maine out on Lake Sebago, we rent a pontoon boat, go tubing, and do some cliff jumping! After a great day out on the lake we head north to Jonesport Maine where we spent the 4th of July on our families property. The property is directly on Kelly Point with 13 acres and multiple tiny homes. We had an amazing time hopefully you enjoy this Vlog!
  8. RVers In Cars Getting Coffee In this episode of Rvers in cars getting coffee, I drive a Mazda Miata, Melissa wears a weird scarf, we go to the Portland Head Light House and make a stop at Fort Williams! We discuss Melissa's favorite cars, and dive deeper into why we love cars and coffee. So sit back put the top down and enjoy the ride through Portland Maine.
  9. In this vlog is a sad but exciting day, we pack up leave Mt Desert Narrows RV Resort and head south to Cornish Maine to spend time with family in the area! We end up Moochdocking at our families house, from there we head to New Hampshire to Diana's Bath a hiking trail and waterfall ran by the United States Forest Service. Being so close right in New Hampshire we head over to North Conway to explore their downtown area with all the shops, I get some delicious beef jerky with a review, and of course we have to have some Moxie!!! A Maine staple have you ever tried Moxie? Make sure you watch till the very end!!!!! Loving the RV Lifestyle!
  10. We continue to hike and bike Acadia National Park in Maine, first off we hike Beech Trail up to the fire tower lookout in the pouring rain. The next day we leave our campsite at Mt Desert Narrows Resort and head to Brown Mountain Gate house where we start Around Mountain Carriage Road trail. We had an amazing time in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.
  11. Will do that sounds really cool!
  12. Spending more time in Acadia National Park is amazing, we also go to Bar Harbor where we walk around the town and get some breakfast at Epi's restaurant. Then we head south to the southern most tip of Mt Desert Island where we go to the Bass Head lighthouse, also stopping to hike to some tide pools. Really hope you enjoy! Living in our RV gives us great opportunities.
  13. We watch the Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National park, also hike the scariest hike we have ever done, Beehive Trail in Acadia National Park. We use our Go Pro Hero 7 Black to capture amazing footage of a super intense hike that might be too challenging for many! Have a look and see what RV living and travel is all about!
  14. We arrive in Acadia National Park, we leave our Boondockers Welcome in Yarmouth Maine. Our camp spot for the week is Mt Desert Narrows Rv Park located near Bar Harbor in Thompson bay. It was quite the location amazing bay views, also a challenging spot to back into. Our spot was super wet from a recent rainstorm and very narrow. After we get settled we take the bikes out for a great ride around Eagle Lake, we have a great time, we see a turtle!
  15. WE BOUGHT A GO PRO HERO 7 BLACK, come along with us to Best Buy when we but it. We do a super unconventional unboxing, followed up with testing, the audio, video and stabilization. The GoPro seems to have won us over, with built in Time Warp mode, excellent photos and top notch video we might have our new vlogging camera.
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