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  1. I would not rent the RV out either.
  2. Hello Chuckbear. No stupidity at all. The abbreviation "BOF" stands for Birds Of a Feather. Escapees BOFs are groups of people that share the same interest or lifestyles such as boondocking, geocaching, working on the road, disaster relief, amateur radio, and a bunch more things. A BOF that has By-laws, constitution, dues, elected officers, etc. is a Certified Birds Of a Feather (C-BOF). The Military, Veterans, and Gold Star families BOF does not have By-laws, constitution, dues, elected officers or any of that. Therefore it is not a C-BOF. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  3. Rondo, thank you for including the link. I am going to check out that site and organization. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  4. Thank you for the input and encouragement RV_. Keep an eye out on the BOF activities. Even though you are not a member of Escapees anymore, you can attend as a guest to the events. Best regards, Richard
  5. I have also stopped at local churches and filled up the fresh water tank with permission.
  6. Wife and I were "snowbirds" for a few years prior to full-timing. When we returned to Michigan we would get any needed RV work done and then put the RV in inside storage. A few times we left the RV in the south for the summer. When we did that, we basically had it winterized and then placed it into a climate controlled storage facility. Summer heat and humidity can do a number on RVs that are just sitting out in the elements, even when covered with an RV cover.
  7. I side with the others that option 1 is not a viable and good option. Renting from El Monte or another company is good. My wife and I full-time in a 33 foot Class C that has a gasoline engine. Towing is not a problem on the highway. Problem we have with towing is that many gas stations do not have gas fuel lanes that can accommodate the RV and car in tow in regards to being able to navigate safely to the fuel pump and back out. This is especially true if the exit from the pump is at 90 degree angle. Remember tail swing. We had a 23 foot Class C previously and that was not as bad to get in and out with. Just some thoughts to consider when towing a car and driving a gas Class C.
  8. Good day RV_ The BOF is for those that are still serving in the military (active, reserve, National Guard), veterans (whether they retired from the military or served for a few years and then got out), and Gold Star families (immediate family of the service member that made that ultimate sacrifice). It is not primarily for one segment over another. It is for all three equally. The purpose of this BOF is to provide military, veterans, and Gold Star families the opportunity to continue with food, fun, fellowship, and camping/RVing with others that have or still are serving, in the United States and Canadian Armed Forces. We strive to help each other. We also strive to help military, veterans, and Gold Star families that are not members of the BOF (or Escapees) yet that need help and the BOF membership has opted to help. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  9. September 2019 Updates from the BOF Good day everyone!Here is happening in this new BOF.Membership.This is a BOF and not a Certified BOF, C-BOF. The difference is that C-BOFs have elected officers, By-Laws, Constitution, dues, and often a bank account. As a BOF, we do not have any of that and that includes not having dues. Currently we have six couples in this BOF. Plenty of room for more members! Did we mention that membership in this BOF is FREE! We are in the process of updating the membership roster. If you are a member, you should have received an email already asking you to provide the BOF updated information. We will be emailing the updated roster to our membership and Escapees later this month. Wreaths Across AmericaDecember 14th is National Wreaths Across America Day. The mission is to Remember, Honor, and Teach others about the sacrifices our military has done for us. Wreath-laying ceremonies are conducted at many cemeteries (military and non-military) on this day to include at Arlington. Over 1600 ceremonies will be conducted in the US, US territories, at sea, and abroad.Here is a link that you can go to and learn more about Wreaths Across America: https://wreathsacrossamerica.org/remember-honor-teach/#rememberIf you can, please volunteer to help with a local Wreaths Across America ceremony or wreath-laying. If you feel inclined to sponsor a wreath that is great. You can sign up to help at the Wreaths Across America website. If you are going to help, please let the BOF know and at what location. You are encouraged to get up with other BOF members in your area if possible. The Straits will be helping at the Michigan Veterans Cemetery in Grand Rapids Michigan. If you will be in this area, please join them. To contact them, send a reply here or you can contact them via RVillage.60th Escapade. The 60th Escapade will be June 21 – 26 in Rock Springs Wyoming. Jim Blazer is coordinating our BOF activities at the Escapade to include being setup at the ROW (hall set aside for chapters, BOFs, and SKP Co-Op parks to gather and share their information). What’s Next?That is a great question! We have the Wreaths Across American in December and the 60th Escapade in June. We have nothing else scheduled. How active this BOF gets is 100% up to the members, potential members, and guest. What would you like to do? Do you want a simple get-together at a campground? Do you want a meal get-together? A campout in an area where we can tour some places? Find ways to help support the military, veterans, and Gold Star families (quilts, care packages, volunteering for a project somewhere such as at a camp that serves veterans, etc? There is discussion about having a Get-Together for next May in West Michigan. Please send the BOF your ideas for "What's Next". If you would like to head up an activity, please send us the information. Best regards,Escapees Military, Veterans & Gold Star Families BOF EscapeesBOFMilitaryandVeterans@GMail.com https://skpbofmilvetsgoldstar.blogspot.com/
  10. We were searched at a CBP checkpoint in Texas. Stood off to the side of the rig with a CBP officer while the dog and other CBP officers searched the rig. They officers were very nice and respectful. We were randomly selected.
  11. As many have already said, it depends on the needs of the facility. My wife and I have work kamped/volunteered as a couple and as a single. One campground only need her so I had lots of free time. Another one only needed me for security so she had lots of free time. We were at another that only needed one person yet they allowed us to do the job together. That was a lot of fun too. Flexibility is great. It can take a bit of extra digging to find some of the opportunities for singles. Best regards, Richard
  12. StraitRVing


    I am glad I have both VA and Tricare. I have tried to get care in West Michigan a few times just to be told that the medical facility or doctor's office does not accept Tricare anymore. I was told it was because Tricare does not pay enough and that they do not require the veteran to pay more of a co-pay. Talk about a shock.
  13. I believe memory is tied into having hair any color besides white and gray. I also think it is tied into the amount of hair. Once you hair color goes, or the hair, and has become white and/or gray then the memory goes with it. Kinda like it was a storage for memory...LOL
  14. Thank you Kirk for the reply. I too thought that there was a BOF for the military and veterans at one time. Lockie does not recall one actually have been setup as a BOF, C-BOF, or chapter. I will send you a PM. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  15. Hello everyone. I have received the formal approval of the board in regards to the BOF - Military & Veterans. Escapees BOF - Military & Veterans is now an official BOF. As this a BOF and not a chapter, there is no requirement for elected leadership, By-Laws, various reports, etc. However, the BOF must abide by Escapees Directives and submit a membership roster annually. Here is a brief description of the BOF: The purpose of this BOF is to provide military, veterans, and Gold Star families the opportunity to continue with food, fun, fellowship, and camping/RVing with others that have or still are serving, in the United States and Canadian Armed Forces.MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA1. Active member in good standing with Escapees.2. Any honorable discharged military veteran, Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, and Gold Star (parents, children, spouse) families of the United States and Canadian Armed Forces. Verification is required. Verification will be done by viewing your unexpired Escapees ID card with the Military emblem on it which shows Escapees has verified your military service. Gold Star family’s verification process is yet to be determined. Currently checking with various Gold Star family associations to find out the best method to accomplish thisBOF Activities1. Social interaction through food, fun, fellowship, camping, and RVing.2. Help fellow active duty, veterans, and Gold Star families.3. Various projects to help active duty, veterans, and Gold Star families.4. Support our Military.DUES - NoneNEWSLETTER - Digital only. It will be created at a later date.EMAIL: An email list will be created so that we can send out the digital newsletter. More will be posted about that when it is setup. BLOG: A blog will be created at a later date.WEBSITE: A web presence will be through the Escapees BOF page.
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