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  1. I am happy to say the campgrounds that doubled their rates have been turned in to the State Attorney General by many RVers and tent campers.
  2. If you are scheduled to stay at a military campground or Famcamp or even considering it in the next couple of months, do call ahead and see if they are still taking campers. Several are now no longer taking reservations and are cancelling reservations for those that have not yet checked in. Larry Farquhar (USAF Retired) has a good discussion going on about it on the U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website he owns and runs.
  3. I have seen several private campgrounds double their rates in the last week. Their reason is because the demand for campsites is huge and the supply is limited due to the many public campground closures.
  4. I use a cross-cut shredder. Then I take the shredded papers and put them in egg carton and add some wax. After that I cut the egg carton up so that I have individual fire starters. Use scented wax or add your liquid scent to the wax as it is melting.
  5. I agree 100% with what Kirk said.
  6. My wife and I stayed at Hagerstown/Antietam Battlefield KOA in Williamsport MD a few years ago when we were visiting Civil War sites in Maryland, Virginia, and for trips into Washington D.C. We spent a week using that as base camp.
  7. Merry Christmas from the Military, Veterans, & Gold Star Families BOF.
  8. I have used the Progressive Surge protectors. I have had three now. Two gave their all for the RV too. Saved me thousands of dollars. I also use a Hughes Autotformer too if I am in an campground that is prone to brown outs. Here is the link: Hughes Autoformers
  9. The Military, Veterans, and Gold Star families BOF would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. I have a Class C with the Ford engine, tranny, etc. I do the preventive maintenance items such as fluid changes, belt and hose checks, tire pressures and checks, alignments, batteries (engine and house), wiper blades, etc. My previous Class C was nominal maintenance until I started getting up there in miles. Then the tune-ups set in, seals and gasket changes, water pumps, etc. I budgeted for those items well in advance so when it came time, the money was already set aside and there. Hard part was finding a automotive place that would work on it since it was an RV. Many did not have the bays that would accommodate it.
  11. On behalf of the Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF, we wish all our US Veterans a Happy Veterans Day. To our Canadian veterans, we bid you a respectful Remembrance Day. To our the families of our veterans, we send you a huge THANK YOU for your support and sacrifices. Richard Strait, USN Retired Point of Contact - Military, Veterans and Gold Star Families Escapees Birds Of a Feather (BOF) group.
  12. Semper Fi Catfish From what I was told at a recent TFL Q&A, is that the TFL serves as a supplement to the Medicare Advantage Plan. The Medicare Advantage Plan becomes the primary insurance and pays first for the covered medical expenses. Then TFL pays afterwards. The representative said that many military retirees go with the TFL for the extra benefits it provides.
  13. I signed up for DirecTV Now via AT&T years ago. Fifty bucks a month and nearly 100 channels. As long as I streamed through the AT&T network, it was data free. In other words, it does not count as data use. That was the huge selling point for me. I open up the app on the smartphone, connect the phone to the Roku (Bluetooth), and have the Roku connected to the TV in the RV. Perfect! Stream as much TV as I want without worrying about data limits or being throttled down. Since DirecTV was bought by AT&T, things have changed. First, the price went up. Second, the price went up again and they took away channels. Third, another price hike and again channels removed from the package. Mostly local channels this time. Latest, another price hike. What started out as $50 for 100+ channels is now $75 for 60+ channels. I have not changed my package so I still get 80+ channels. I watch about a 16 of those 80+channels. Of those 16, just over half of those channels are not available with the current AT&T TV Now plans/packages. Not worth it anymore for me. Why pay $75 for the 16 channels I do watch. It is only a matter of time before the channels that I still have that are no longer included with the current packages are dropped for good. I am left wondering what happened to AT&T.
  14. Excellent reminder Kurt. We use the range vent every time we are using the stove, oven, or slow cooker. We also will open the window in the kitchen area. Fresh air is good.
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