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  1. On behalf of the Military, Veterans, and Gold Star families BOF I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day/4th of July! Best regards, Richard "Doc" Strait, Point of Contact Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF
  2. I will not be participating in FD this year due to being on the road traveling. If I wasn't traveling then I would be operating from the campsite or visiting local club FD sites. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  3. Welcome to the forums! I agree with all that Kirk posted. One additional suggestion is to have the RV inspected by a independent certified RV Inspector and a certified automotive mechanic. The cost for the inspections can save you in the long run; especially if they find things that are going to be expensive to fix. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  4. Hi Gyadon4. I have a Leprechaun as well. It came with a step/running board at the driver and passenger door that was installed by Coachmen or Ford. My previous RV we had an RV service center install them. They told me then that a body shop could order up and install running boards too. Due to the way they are mounted, they are not the greatest in regards to how much weight they can hold so I had them reinforced better by the shop. Best regards, Richard
  5. It is a bit tricky to say the least. As a missionary that travels and lives in an RV full-time, it gets downright complicated. Especially when the sending church is an independent church and not part of any denominational association.
  6. I too hate the fact that the forum is not secured as indicated by the "Not Secure", red triangle for some and others perhaps an exclamation point in a circle depending on the browser. The FMCA uses the same software (Invision Community) and they have theirs secured.
  7. StraitRVing

    Memorial Day

    The Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF would like to take time to pause, recognize, and pay our respect to our military men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. Please remember those serviceman, servicewomen, and their families this Memorial Day weekend. Let the families know that they (their loved one and them) are not forgotten.
  8. Wife and I went from a 21 foot Class C with a gas engine to a 33 foot Class C with a gas engine. I would say the biggest problem we have had is gassing up the RV. Due to the length and turn radius, it can be a challenge to find a gas station that we can gas up at safely. Longer wheel base means we spend a little more time on leveling. Worth it for us though.
  9. The LP detector in our 2017 Class C draws amperage when the battery relay is off and shore power disconnected. Dealership said that it is required now (safety reasons) for the LP detectors to be powered even when the battery relay is off and shore power disconnected.
  10. I am happy to say the campgrounds that doubled their rates have been turned in to the State Attorney General by many RVers and tent campers.
  11. If you are scheduled to stay at a military campground or Famcamp or even considering it in the next couple of months, do call ahead and see if they are still taking campers. Several are now no longer taking reservations and are cancelling reservations for those that have not yet checked in. Larry Farquhar (USAF Retired) has a good discussion going on about it on the U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website he owns and runs.
  12. I have seen several private campgrounds double their rates in the last week. Their reason is because the demand for campsites is huge and the supply is limited due to the many public campground closures.
  13. I use a cross-cut shredder. Then I take the shredded papers and put them in egg carton and add some wax. After that I cut the egg carton up so that I have individual fire starters. Use scented wax or add your liquid scent to the wax as it is melting.
  14. I agree 100% with what Kirk said.
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