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  1. StraitRVing


    I am glad I have both VA and Tricare. I have tried to get care in West Michigan a few times just to be told that the medical facility or doctor's office does not accept Tricare anymore. I was told it was because Tricare does not pay enough and that they do not require the veteran to pay more of a co-pay. Talk about a shock.
  2. I believe memory is tied into having hair any color besides white and gray. I also think it is tied into the amount of hair. Once you hair color goes, or the hair, and has become white and/or gray then the memory goes with it. Kinda like it was a storage for memory...LOL
  3. Thank you Kirk for the reply. I too thought that there was a BOF for the military and veterans at one time. Lockie does not recall one actually have been setup as a BOF, C-BOF, or chapter. I will send you a PM. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  4. Hello everyone. I have received the formal approval of the board in regards to the BOF - Military & Veterans. Escapees BOF - Military & Veterans is now an official BOF. As this a BOF and not a chapter, there is no requirement for elected leadership, By-Laws, various reports, etc. However, the BOF must abide by Escapees Directives and submit a membership roster annually. Here is a brief description of the BOF: The purpose of this BOF is to provide military, veterans, and Gold Star families the opportunity to continue with food, fun, fellowship, and camping/RVing with others that have or still are serving, in the United States and Canadian Armed Forces.MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA1. Active member in good standing with Escapees.2. Any honorable discharged military veteran, Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, and Gold Star (parents, children, spouse) families of the United States and Canadian Armed Forces. Verification is required. Verification will be done by viewing your unexpired Escapees ID card with the Military emblem on it which shows Escapees has verified your military service. Gold Star family’s verification process is yet to be determined. Currently checking with various Gold Star family associations to find out the best method to accomplish thisBOF Activities1. Social interaction through food, fun, fellowship, camping, and RVing.2. Help fellow active duty, veterans, and Gold Star families.3. Various projects to help active duty, veterans, and Gold Star families.4. Support our Military.DUES - NoneNEWSLETTER - Digital only. It will be created at a later date.EMAIL: An email list will be created so that we can send out the digital newsletter. More will be posted about that when it is setup. BLOG: A blog will be created at a later date.WEBSITE: A web presence will be through the Escapees BOF page.
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