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  1. Hi if I were coming north from LA I would go along the coast and see Hearst Castle. In the Bay Area what comes to mind is: San Jose: Winchester Mystery House San Francisco: fishermen’s wharf, Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge (if you are driving on the bridge stay on the far right lanes as they are the widest) Napa Valley for wine tasting, Rutherford Grill is really good restaurant Oakland: Jack London square, Lake Chabot for hiking, Roberts park for hiking and off leash dog trail has an awesome Bay Area view Fairfield: Jelly Belly factory tour hope this helps Eric
  2. Hi No full timing for us. A little about us, we live in the SF Bay Area with family in Southern California. I am still working with several years until retirement. So when we travel we put the hammer down and get where we are going. We’ve done 16 hour travel days. With overnight stays at truck stops, Walmart, Cabelas etc. I love big pieces of equipment and really liked the DRV Houston but when I take inventory of where we have traveled it will hinder us. Our current fifth wheel is 36’ and it’s pretty easy to get around. That’s why I would prefer to stay under 40’ plus the weight issue, I am not sure if my F250 can handle that big of a trailer. Just joking I have an F450. thanks everyone for your advice, Eric
  3. Hi everyone My wife and I are on a search for our next fifth wheel. We have been going back and forth on a couple of floor plans. Either the DRV 38rssa and 36rssb3 my question is for folks that have the 36rssb3. Have you had problems since you must open both bedroom and kitchen slide in order to access the bed or bathroom? I like the shorter length of the trailer but am struggling with if the 36rssb3 will be a problem in rest areas, side of freeway etc. Thank you for your time Eric
  4. Thanks for the insight everyone: One thing my wife and I are struggling with is mobile vs elite suites. The DRV website does not lay out specifically the differences. I know the big ones fiberglass roof, different paint schemes, fiberglass fender skirts. But I was told there are 40 differences. Does anyone have a list of the 40 upgrades on the Elite suites. I can’t justify the price difference of the elite vs a mobile. thank you Eric
  5. Hi everyone thanks for taking your time to respond, we are excited to sit down and order a new coach. I just wanted to get as much information as I can before ordering. Good to know rolling retreats is so well regarded, we have a phone appointment next week with them. If if anyone has anything else to pass along you think would be helpful please do have a good day Eric
  6. Hi everyone my name is Eric I am in the process of doing research on the various options drv has prior to ordering for a 39dbrs3 mobile or elite. This would be 5th trailer and hopefully last for a long time. we have looked at the drv build sheets and searched multiple forums for others experiences when ordering and their options they choose. If you have a drv can I have a moment of your time and glean some knowledge from your experiences. thank you in advance eric 1. Is there a difference in the cabinetry between an Elite suites and mobile 2. Wiring, we were thinking of the multiplex wiring but what about solar prep should I ask about 2 or 4 gauge wire to the roof for a possible large solar system in the future? 3. Inverter option: the 2800 inverter, would you buy it again 4. Window silks: your opinion and experiences 5. 2” riser, we would order it for our F450 but do we need a 3” 6. I like how new horizons putting the generator under the trailer directly behind the axles to free up the front bay, do you think DRV would do that? 7. Is there an unpublished list of options out there that would be a good addition to a new build. For example it’s not published but you can get a diesel onan generator. 8. Exterior paint: we like the midnight mist paint scheme, is there options for additional layers of clear coat? “Cut and buff” is that included with elite paint scheme ?
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