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  1. I am in the same boat in that I am starting this same "adventure"with my wife and 2 chihuahuas. I learned as much from this post as I did my own posts for information. I am glad that I am part of this forum where experienced people can help me sort things out. I appreciate you guys.
  2. thank you for the responses
  3. I am part owner of a small farm in Ohio with some siblings. My mother lives in the home on the property. We all have a great relationship. I could use a mail forwarding service so as not to create any headaches for my mother ; but use the hard address for insurance, taxes, and such. This would probably work, right? So I would use the Ohio address for insurance ( etc) as I take 9 months or so to leave California and go back east.
  4. Thank you so much for the replies.
  5. I know they are owned by Thor now. Does that mean they are junk?
  6. So I am a 62 year old super experienced boater, but an RV newbie. We have done a lot of shopping around for a 5th wheel to pull behind a new F-250 SD diesel. We are retiring in California and migrating east. What we found that we like the best - that is the best mix of amenities, weight, price,and storage is the Crossroads Cameo 3201 RL. 11,078 lbs dry which means I would would be pulling around 13,000lb. We will need to live in this for around a year and tow it around 6000 miles. It seems like you can read horror stories on every brand out there, but this one seems good to me. Although this brand is not that common it seems. Do any of you experienced people know any compelling reason that I should avoid this brand or model? Any advice is appreciated. http://www.crossroadsrv.com/products/fifth-wheels/cameo/floorplans/ce3201rl/
  7. Should I expect any problems getting insurance for a new 5th wheel and my F-250 after I sell my home and become mobile? My current insurance company is Farmers and my agent has told me that his firm cannot provide insurance once I lose my address in California ( sell my home ). I will have a home again somewhere within a year - give or take. Should I expect any problems with this during this timeframe? I have a squeaky clean record.
  8. My second question being a newbie and its probably one that has been asked many times.... How much in advance do you need to make reservations to stay in state and national parks ? I will be pulling a 35 foot fifth wheel. I plan to travel north from California and then head southeast. I'll be on the road for 9 month or so. How much in advance do I need to plan? This is a general question so general advice will be fine.
  9. I couldn't agree more on using care on what salespeople say. The last salesperson that I spoke to about a 5th wheel told me that there wasn't a 5th wheel on the lot that I couldn't pull with my single wheel F-250, and they had 40 footers. I also understand the difference with RV support after sales compared to autos. I have had some people tell me that a slightly used 5th wheel is better than a new one as far as problems. There is probably some truth to this...
  10. Thanks to all for the information. I read all of the posts multiple times to be sure. Very good information. I believe I have a tendency to overthink these things sometimes. I have gone to 3 RV shows and I have read 3 books on the RV lifestyle in the past few months that I bought off Amazon. We are sure that we will be living in this RV for a minimum of 9 months. When we get back east next spring, we may buy a house or we may buy a more substantial RV and keep going. We just do not know yet. At this point with the truck I have, and after reading these posts, I am convinced that I need to stay at 14,000 lbs GVWR or less - so around 10,000 dry. I may be better off to buy a good mid range unit with a suitable floor plan as the higher end units would be too heavy for the length that we are looking for. BTW - why do the manufacturers make it so confusing. I mean, some 30 foot models have an overall length of close to 36 feet. So do you talk OAL or model length? So I just need to make sure I select a manufacturer that will take care of me when and if there is a problem. I still have to work out the whole legal domicile and mail thing yet and I'll need to start working on this right away. I have 2 weeks left at my job and I'm officially retired. So many things to do... Thank you all so much. I am going to make a couple more posts on these other topics.
  11. So my wife and I are starting on this journey of selling everything in California and migrating very slowly back east. We are going to make long term plans as we go. I am a lifelong boater, but I have not owned an RV. We decided to go the 5th wheel route instead of a motorhome. Now I have to buy a 5th wheel. I have a fairly new F-250 SD with a 6.7 diesel. Questions: Is there a limit to a practical size? I am going to travel the country, so I do not think I want to get too big of 5th wheel. I am thinking OAL of around 34 feet or less. Does this make sense? I may be limited anyway with a 3/4 ton truck, but I have heard of larger 5th wheels restricting access to campgrounds. So I am thinking this size may be the best choice. So this would be a floor plan length of 28 - 30 feet generally speaking. Is this reasonable? I was thinking about a higher end brand like Arctic Fox or Grand Design. The higher quality units seem to be heavier though - and I guess this makes sense. What other brands should I consider? BTW, do any states require a special license to pull a 5th wheel this size? Any advice is appreciated.
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