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  1. I will check that, but there are things I must disassemble to gain access to the top of the generator where the solenoid is mounted. Thanks
  2. My 2001 Roadtrek Onan generator does not seem to get any electrical power. The engine start button inside the van and on the generator frame does not result in any action. Is this a power supply problem that can be easily resolved? Thanks!
  3. Thank You everyone for all of your comments......... still looking!
  4. The Roadtrek is built on a Dodge frame.
  5. Thanks for helping. None of the items appear to be a direct replacement for the original latch. Paul
  6. My Roadtrek 190 has an old style window latch and I am trying to find a replacement latch. A photo of the latch is shown below. The latch should allow the window to open a few inches and securely latch when closed, but it does not work smoothly. Does anyone know where replacement latches are available? Thank You Paul Window latch.pdf
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