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  1. Linda, Our friends and family always know where we are and have that local address. They don’t use our mail service address.
  2. Thank you Kirk! This link is invaluable.
  3. Thanks so much to all who offered advice and information. We haven’t decided what to do yet but now we can make an informed decision. Happy travels to all of you. 😊
  4. Hi, My husband and I have been full timers for 15 years. We have been legal residents of South Dakota for all of that time and have been totally satisfied with our mail forwarding company there. However we find it increasingly difficult to go there to renew our driver's licenses in person and feel it would be much more convenient to have a TX address. However the task of changing everything over is rather daunting. How difficult is it to get everything done that needs to be done to change our domicile from SD to TX? We've known about the Escapees ever since we started this journey and wonder how current Escapees feel about the service. Vicki
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