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  1. kkes562

    HDT Insurance

    I went with farmers insurance. They had experience with HDT insurance. It was not a problem for them.
  2. Very true. I built this thing when I was 20 in my parents garage/driveway with only hand tools and a cheap 110v welder. I didn't have the resources that I have now but I was going to build it anyway. 15 years later I still have it and enjoy it.
  3. I had the plate left over from a job and figured a little extra weight wouldn't hurt so I used it. I repair machines and build custom machinery. We do engineered metal components at the shop including stamping, machining, weld/fab and some assembly work.
  4. I converted in Michigan last summer. You need a permanently installed toilet, sink, refrigerator, microwave (or other form of cooking), bed, and separate HVAC from truck. I titled as a motor home and paid the registration based on the truck purchase price. The secretary of the state just requires a signature saying you have all of the items listed above and your out the door. No inspections. They did say that dot or a state officer could ask to inspect the truck if you are pulled over. I had some issue with insurance because all of the companies stated that I couldn’t have a fifth wheel hitch. I ended up with farm bureau and they were great. I can look through my info if you need more details. After it was all said and done I pay less to drive the truck than any of my other vehicles.
  5. I designed as I went. I just had a rough idea of what I wanted.
  6. Here are the bed build pictures. Hitch build pics to come
  7. The storage is great. I have everything I need and room left over.
  8. Thanks for allowing me to join wanted to share some pictures of my hdt build. I have done all of the work myself singled and shortened fabricated bed Fabricated side boxes built air ride hitch
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