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  1. Just to add my two cents, mattress/memory foam is easy to cut into whatever size you want - head to Ikea and pick up a cheap foam mattress. We used a 2" memory foam topper (the one from Zinus) on our last RV and it really made a huge difference to the comfort of the mattress. Also it's easier to move around IMO. However, it shrank and pulled away from the edges about 3" and was always sliding around. This made the bed effectively smaller. But we are not a big couple, so it wasn't a big deal.
  2. I'd recommend KoA as well. I stayed at a KoA in Colorado that I thought was one of the nicest, well kept campgrounds in the area. But it received a wide variety of positive and negative reviews. Same goes for the one's I refused to stay at. Many positive reviews and I thought it looked like an inner city homeless shelter.
  3. To get rid of odor, we use the washing soda trick: we put it down the shower drain now and then as well as the kitchen sink drain. I just empty a packet of it into the sink or shower base and pour hot water over it when the waste tanks are empty. Out comes lots of gunk the next time we empty the tanks.
  4. I brought some wood-craft projects with me from time to time. But I also found it very inconvenient to do anything with it. First, space is at a premium. Where do you set your project up at? Picnic table? Where do you put your outside food items and outside eating then? Folding table? Also humidity and temperatures.
  5. I bought the MarCell and so far very happy with it and easy to use. I have it in my house for now. Its kind of silly because it really never gets hot or cold where I live. I have a feeling the MarCell will work great in the van when we have full hookups, dry camping we don't need it. I did create a power failure and our phones went off with text messages and emails saying Alert: Power is currently OFF and when the power was restored I got an alert power is restored.
  6. You'll often hear/read about "four season" campers. That's what you want, but don't believe most of that. I've seen "four season" campers advertised that are far from it in the north. In Alabama they might be fours season campers, but not in North Dakota. As kb0zke said, full-time used RV is the most practical solution. So heaters, better isolation might work. I've never lived in a camper during the harsh winter, but from what others tell me, dual pane windows are a must have, both for warmth and for controlling moisture around the windows (or another option is rv dehumidifier installed inside your camper). They're optional on the better brands. upd: recently we've met an Arctic fox full-timer and he provided us with some feedback. He told us that he had his AF in cold weather in the high 20's, hot weather over 105, wind over 50mph and lots of steady heavy rain. Never a worry - never an issue, and used only an electrical heater during the extremely harsh winter days.
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