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    I make bicycle frames for a living and other vehicles for fun. Currently I am finishing a Jeep XJ project and planning modifications to a '95 Volvo FE6/7 based service truck that will be used to transport the Jeep and also serve as a camper.

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  1. 10T rear axle. I totally agree on all points. I have some ideas for ramps/tracks made 1-1/2" dia tube with a lot of triangulation with structural rectangle structure. The truck has a PTO so hydraulic folding ramps aren't off the table. It's going to be a long term project but that is typical for custom work. Ill keep you posted.
  2. The truck was designed to carry 12,000 lbs of liquid directly over the rear axle with the vehicles laden center of gravity about 7' off the ground. Having been inside a few oil tankers,I can tell you they have no side-to side baffling. The plan has always been to build an infrastructure, fully triangulated rectangle tubing topped with ramps and tracks made from thick tubing. The rear axle and suspension and brakes are 10,000 lbs so that's not a problem either with the jeep being under 5K. I hope I can feel the weight honestly. My rear spring stack is 9" thick. Regarding the height, it's under 12'6". 'matter of fact, If you own the rig in your pic, you are basically at max capacity every time you hit the road and I am at 60% of mine fully loaded, plus I won't blow over in a breeze, catch on fire or get beached pulling in to a gas station. My brakes are good for 100K, motor for 1.2 million. I guess the last part of the equation is if I can design and construct a good vehicle and I think I can. it's not hard to imagine people being good at this sort of thing. I am.
  3. I have a medium duty Volvo FE6 with an alternator driven tach. Aftermarket options are using a crank pick-up kit which is dead accurate or an alt driven tack. I am a little vague on details but one of the wires on my alt is the trigger wire. I am told it's marked "N". Ill check that tomorrow
  4. I built an offroad Jeep that isn't street legal anymore and started looking for a way to haul it to the trails and may be camp. I scored a retired 95 Volvo bobtail oil tanker for low money. It's got a service bed and mini crane which is pretty cool. There is room for a sleeper between the cab and bed so I am thinking some type ramp/camp vehicle that allows me to carry the jeep with spares,tools etc. with living space. The jeep is 6'6" and the modified service bed is 6' so in theory I could put the jeep on top of the tool boxes. Here are some pics of jeep and truck. Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr
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