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  1. Hello, this is my 2nd week of owning an RV (I bought it in AZ and am on my way back to the east coast). I might have made a big mistake this morning and contaminated my water tank. I filled up my water tank at a campground in Santa Fe this morning. I use a basic water filter I bought at Walmart (blue one that attaches to the hose). I ran the water for a few seconds and filled it up. When I removed the hose from the faucet, there were bunch of small worms on the mesh filter of the pressure regulator. They looked like tiny earthworms (but probably not). Gross! The worms were big enough that they were caught in the mesh filter. Since the water is also filtered, I hope that none of them are actually in the tank. But how about parasites, small eggs and such? I was in a hurry and wasn't at a full hookup site, so I am traveling with the water right now. I don't drink the water from the tank but I wash dishes with it. But I am boiling water to do my dishes for now. Has anyone run into something like this before? I read posts about disinfecting the tank with chlorine but many campsites say that they are on septic system and ask not to pour chemicals in their sewer. So what should I do? Thank you!
  2. Yes I bought a 2017 Pleasure Way Lexor, but not the one I was asking about. I ended up buying one in AZ.
  3. I am happy to report that I had wonderful experience with Best Time RV in Las Vegas. I rented a RoadTrek Zion from them for 2 weeks. Traveling in the camper van was exactly how I imagined it would be and the size was perfect for me. I knew I was ready to buy a camper van after the first night. And I am now a proud owner of a Pleasure Way Lexor! Thanks everyone for great advices. I'm sure I'll be posting more questions!
  4. Al, thank you for the detailed instructions! (And I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner)
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, SWharton and Kirk!
  6. Thanks all for the great suggestions! In the end, I did make a reservation with Best Time RV in Las Vegas. I'll be in the Las Vegas area for 2 weeks. Now I need a recommendation on which campsite I should go to experience my first night in an RV I will report back the renting experience with the company next week.
  7. Thanks, KirK, for the great advice about the warranty. I haven't made the offer on the RV so I don't want to be too specific about it just yet but the RV is a 2016 model and the lithium batteries came with the unit. It has over 45000 miles on it. Kayo
  8. The dealer says that the RV is in great condition, has been maintained, and nothing is wrong with it. I was just wondering if the lithium batteries could have been damaged since the RV has been there through the winter in a cold weather. I didn't want to find it out later if I were to buy it. I was wondering if the RV inspector could easily find it out before I buy it. The dealer is offering a 30 day warranty, so it seems like I should be okay, though. Thanks again, Kayo
  9. I didn't think about McDonalds or Perkins. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Hello. I found a couple of used class B's I like online. One of them is located in a colder climate (I think that the low temp goes below freezing during winter) and their RV has been in the dealer's lot through the winter . They said that they had been maintaining the unit and that they would give me a 30 day warranty. I read that charging lithium batteries when the temperature is below freezing could permanently damage the batteries. My question is, can an inspector (or anyone) tell if the lithium batteries are damaged or not? I would imagine that it's pretty expensive to replace them. Thanks in advance! Kayo
  11. I should probably give you an update on the Best Time RV company since this topic was initially about them I originally contacted them via email on March 17. Since then, I've been able to exchange only 1 email a day with them because their online reservation center is in Germany and I'm in the Central Time zone. If I was in the U.S. and was able to call the local rental office directly, things might have been very different. But as of now, I have not been able to reserve an RV with them. It is not all their fault, however, because there is an online reservation form I can use to make a reservation right away. It is taking time because I was requesting a specific model to rent (Roadtrek) and it is making things more complicated because they usually don't guaranty a model. In fact, everything is a little more complicated because I'm out of the country. I am still trying figure out which city I need to fly into at the end of this month. There aren't many used Lexors for sale within my price range right now so I will have to fly into a different city after I rent an RV. I know it's a wrong approach, but I am tempted to just buy an RV and deal with the regret later (if I have any) at this point. There are a couple of Lexors on the market I am very interested in right now. I only have access to the NADA online right now but I have been watching class Bs for sale online for a few weeks now.
  12. Thanks everyone! I'll try to answer all the questions here. I'm interested in a class B because it looks almost like a normal car which I really like, AND it is small. I want to be able to drive it daily and also sleep in it. I want to be able to go to cities as well as national parks. I'm planning to use it full-time, at least for a while. It'll be just me, no pets. I don't know how long I will be at each location... if I like a place, I may stay there for a while, if not, I'll keep moving Basically, I have no specific plans yet. I've been traveling other countries with 2 backpacks for many months now (still out of the country at the moment) and I've been staying at hostels so I think that a class B would be an upgrade as far as the space goes. I work online, and I will most likely be going to coffee shops, especially if I don't want to stay inside the camper all day. I may buy a bike (or electric bike) but do not want to tow anything. I'm willing to pack up everything to drive every day if needed since I'm kind of used to doing it right now. I have no mobility issues. Kayo
  13. Thanks for the suggestion! How many days do I need to rent an RV to figure this out? 5 days? one week? Lexor has a 12 gallon black tank and a 20 gallon grey tank. Zion is 9.6/22.8. I was more concerned about the length of the RV if I should try to find something that is less than 20ft so it will easily fit in a parking space. I really like Pleasure Way Ascent which is only 19"7", but it's diesel and a lot more expensive. I know Roadtrek has Zion SRT but I'm not sure if I like the hanging closet and the 'wall' between the kitchen and the back sofa area. I really liked the open feel of Pleasure Way Ascent/Lexor. I'm sorry it's getting a little off topic. Do I need to create a new thread? Kayo
  14. Thanks! I checked them out and they do not rent class Bs. For those who might be interested, El Monte RV and Cruise America rent the following RV types: El Monte RV - Class A, C, temporary housing Cruise America - Class C, truck camper
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