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  1. Hi Mike, here is the update. Thanks for asking. The pump worked for another week or so after someone secured the wiring that went into the pump (so that the wire didn't move anymore). Then it died again. The wiring was still secure and it just died one day. I was camping with few friends at the time and I still had the new pump. So one of them replaced the pump for me. It was about a week ago and my new pump is doing great!
  2. Thanks, John. I wiggled the wires as well as the unit itself (more like shaking/slapping) I was able to find the exact same pump today so I went ahead and bought it. I also found someone who can look at the problem tomorrow. Thanks again!
  3. Wiggling worked a few times but that’s not working anymore. I’ll be dry camping for a week and I’m wondering if I should just buy a new pump and be done with it or try to fix the problem. I will have to hire someone either way. The pump is rather new, the van is a 2016/2017 model.
  4. Update. For some reason the pump started working again after I wiggled it a couple of times so I did not replace the pump on Monday. Almost a week later it stopped again I wonder that the motor is going bad after all and I should have just replaced it when I had a chance. I’m no longer in the same town. I usually fill up the water tank and use it instead of city water. And to be honest, I didn’t even think about connecting the hose directly, though most the sites I have been staying at recently are electric only sites and no water.
  5. I bought a volt meter yesterday but after watching a couple of YouTube videos, I decided that it wasn’t for me. So I called a professional help yesterday (I asked for a recommendation from the campground I’m currently staying at). I wasn’t expecting anyone to come out until today but they came over last night to diagnose. The conclusion is that it’s not electrical but it’s the water pump that is going bad. He was able to make the pump work by messing with it (as in wiggling the wire and such), but it only lasted for a few min. He also said it was really loud as in it’s on its last leg and I thought that it was normal! He couldn’t get the part last night so I am waiting on him to come back to install a new pump today. I can also make the pump to work for a couple of min by wiggling the unit. I should have a new pump by this afternoon! BTW, to answer John's question, yes, the photo is what was behind the white panel and there is nothing above the panel area, just the ceiling. And thank you Kirk for the fuse photo! It maybe under the breaker panel area and there is a small opening to see inside but there are so many wires in there. Thanks again for all your help!!! You guys have been so helpful!
  6. I was finally able to open the panel! BUT what's inside is different from the manual and I'm not even sure what I'm looking at. John is right, I should probably get a professional help.
  7. Thanks! You are right about the screws! However, one of the screws is stripped and I cannot remove it. I don’t want to break the panel and it’s getting late. I will try again tomorrow.
  8. Kirk, my manual is a printed version that came with the van and although it's almost the same as the PDF version you mention, some things are slightly different. I think my van's interior is 2016 model? (though it's registered as 2017) because I don't have a 2000w inverter. However, the photos of control panels seem to match the 2017 version and the photos in my manual don't always look like what I have. So I'm not really sure what I have. That being said, my manual has a picture of the 'kitchen upper fuse panel' and my van has a white panel to cover it up. I tried to remove it, but it doesn't seem removable. Here is the screenshot of the manual showing the fuse panel: and this is my upper cabinet where it's covered up: I hope you can see these pictures.
  9. Wow thank you so much for all the replies! I have not posted the same question on Irv2 Class B forum and I did not know that the Pleasure Way Facebook page existed. This forum has been very helpful in the past, so I thought I would start here. I did check the filter and cleaned it, but it didn't help. Everything else in the van is working and the problem seems to be isolated to the water pump. It was working until last night. Also, I think I found where the fuses are based on the manual (cabinet above the kitchen) but it is sealed with a white panel and it does not open. So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be messing with it? Unfortunately I don't have any volt meter. However, I am not very mechanical. I watched a few YouTube videos (thanks, oldjohnt!) and this is a little overwhelming. I feel dumb but I might I just have to take the van to a repair shop on Monday. Perhaps I can learn from them for the next time. Thanks again all and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
  10. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Mine will be better if I can get my water pump working again. I've owned my 2017 Pleasure Way Lexor for a little over 2 months now. I am full-timing in it. I've been parked in the same spot for the last 2 days and haven't moved my van. This morning, my water pump is not working. No sound or nothing. Just dead. I checked the breaker panel but those breaker buttons are numbered up to 48 and the water pump says 56. So I have no idea where that is. There is no leak or lose parts under the sink where the pump is located. Considering this is Saturday and I know nothing about electrical or mechanical, I probably can't use my faucet until Monday... unless someone can guide me what to look and test. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
  11. I might look into the whole house filter. I am planning to go by Camping World this weekend. Thanks!
  12. Oh that's easy enough. I can do that Thanks for the instructions!
  13. I definitely learned my lesson. I will start pouring water out, put some water in a cup to visually inspect it before putting anything in my tank again!
  14. It is supposed to be potable water. I did call the campground and let them know.
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