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  1. Sorry for the confusion. Simply, I have vents (not vent covers) I'm installing (new, plastic) on the sides of my aluminum trailer approx 3.5" x 10". There's a flange with holes for screws around the perimeter of the vent, just like installing a new window in your home. However, I don't want to use screws, just epoxy or other adhesive to seal it and bond it, such as an adhesive chalk. I'm going to use what I have and not exchange it for an aluminum vent. I just need help selecting the proper chalk/adhesive/epoxy that will bond the plastic vent to the aluminum exterior wall of my trailer.Thank you
  2. Hello all, I'm in the process of installing plastic vents on the exterior of my trailer in order to decrease the interior humidity while in storage. What type of adhesive chalking should I use to properly bond the plastic to the aluminum? Although the new vent has holes for screws around the perimeter, I'd prefer not to screw it, rather use an adhesive chalk instead. Thanks
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