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  1. We have reservations at Gig Harbor RV. Kris will be working in Puyallup into Aug. & all other places we contacted were booked for that time (at least in a month to month basis).
  2. I just put a full set of Goodyear Endurance ST's on (load/speed rating 117/112N). The original tires were not long for this world. (the spare is new too). I also keep a small 12V air pump in the truck & check pressures religiously (I'm one of those type of mechanics)
  3. I knew I came to the right place, Thank you all! Our itinerary is being changed for more time (and less stress). The original route seemed questionable too. We tow with a Dodge 2500 hemi (I wish it were a diesel). Having been a mechanic for 26 years, I've made some upgrades for reliability (coolers mostly). We're towing at just under 80% of the trucks spec including all of our gear + full water & fuel tanks. We plan on carrying little water, 10-20 gal, or even no water in the tank to help.
  4. Hello all! My wife & I are about to become full time RVers. She is a travel nurse & just got an assignment Tacoma, Wa. We currently live in Tampa, Fl & this will be the beginning of our life in "Millie", our 31ft TT. We won't be in a hurry, but we won't have a lot of time either, during our 3100 mile trip. "Crazy" is a word that comes up a lot in conversation, along with "couldn't find something further away??" We've done our research, and have a full roll of duct tape, but would love some shared wisdom for this trip. Google maps has us going through Atlanta, Chattanooga, & Nashville. Up to St Louis, Kansas City, then Sioux Falls where we take I-90 the rest of the way. We need to be there May 9, & plan on leaving May 1. Thanks for your input & happy trails to all!
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