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  1. First time poster. I’m hoping to get a bit of insight from those with conversion experience, for a business I’m starting up. I’m currently converting a double decker bus (Volvo B7TL) to deck it out as a shop. I’m interested in how much power I would need to light and heat the thing, and the best way of getting an external power supply. The bus was powered by two twelve volt batteries, but my intention is to set up an external supply. We will need to power: - Inbuilt lighting (standard fitting) - Already fitted CCTV - Already fitted bus heating - Electronic devices (lap-top, IZettle electronic till, 32 inch TV screen, 3-4 small electric devices, e.g - cameras, battery charges for IPhones’ and camera batteries) I want to know if a domestic power supply will be enough to power it all, and if anyone could give me a rough idea of what the wattage would be? And how / how easy it would be to wire it all together? The bus will be static. Would also be great to know how much solar energy I would need, and any advice about setting that up. Any feedback would be most helpful, so thanks in advance for your responses.
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