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  1. Check this one: https://www.haloview.com/haloview-mc5111-5-720p-hd-digital-wireless-rear-view-camera-system.html
  2. jay

    Need better back up cam

    I prefer this one:MC7108,a wireless camera system from haloview. It has high image quality with reasonable price.
  3. Bad things happen every day. It is vital to make sure we have safety equipments like front driver and passenger air bags. Besides, we can install haloview cameras to get a full field of view around our car and avoid accidents.
  4. jay

    test Photo

    Nice picture!
  5. I do and it will save you a lot of time and energy.
  6. I'm a staff from Haloview, I just want to recommend small price but high quality product to people on this forum. Although there are much brands of rear view camera on the aftermarket, not all of them are selling an affordable and reliable camera system except us. Since we have excellent pre-sale and after-sale customer service, you can read the reviews on our Amazon store. Please let me know if anyone want to purchase camera from us, I can offer some coupon to you.
  7. Excellent! I hope I would be thereat that time.
  8. Insurance may not keep you from danger but it can alleviate your financial burden.it's not a wise choose to drop it.
  9. good luck to you and enjoy the RV life!
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