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  1. Guys, I have a $1 mill umbrella. I will call Gieco tomorrow and others. Perhaps, I need to downsize on the size and price of the rig? I know we should have good insurance but those prices are just too much.
  2. Hello, Called today for insurance at Progressive and Foremost for full timer's insurance and was quote $6200.00 and $5,750.00 a year. That seems to be really high for a 2010 Foretravel Nimbus and my perfect driving history. I have pulled various types of trailers most of life so I know it is not a lack of experience. Do anyone have a source for a reasonable insurer for a Class A? Edward
  3. Buying used with known repairs is one thing. Buying without at least some warranty paid for by the dealership is a pitfall.
  4. Good records and periodic maintenance are the key as I suspected. We have been looking hard at several makes and models that are around 10yrs old and have seen a few that have almost no maintenance history which is scary as hell. Perhaps it is better to go with a dealer who actually goes through a bus prior to selling it. Thanks for the advice and response.
  5. Interesting how age affect the value. Years not miles seems to determine the value. How many miles or years is too much for a Class Diesel pusher? If schedule maintenance is followed what would you feel about a bus with 400k on it? What would make it a buy? What would not make it a buy?
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