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  1. Thanks for the replies! I had a feeling CA beaches would not be very open, I know TX beaches used to be open, have not been down to the coast for past 20 years so honestly not sure about today. Used to be you could just drive out on beach in Port A and if you wanted privacy just head a few miles south on beach. Being right on beach is not that important, but within view and walking distance would be nice. Anyone know about Mexico? Yes I know news headlines, also know family still living down there and friends from Tx that go down there without problems (but they have homes down there, not RV's). Investigated Salton Sea area last year, seemed kinda sketchy. Tow rig is 4x4 Dmax, trailer is vintage Silver streak.
  2. Hi folks, new here. I'm currently working on my escape plan from work, and cold winters. Native Texan, spent past 15 years splitting time between Tx and Nv, currently cleaning out the Tx home and shop so I can officially move to Nv. Spring, summer and Fall in Northern Nv is fabulous weather, but 3-4 months of winter, shoveling snow, and feeding Lucifer gets old quick. Something I really miss is spending time at the beach and fishing, and I don't want to drive all the way back to Tx to do that, yet know nothing about California beaches. Can you drive out on beach with an RV and camp? I certainly do not want to be in a major city, I like distance from people. My other thought was maybe head down to Mexico (habla espanol) and find some little hideaway on the sea of cortez, although in Mexico I'd maybe want to be someplace closer to people, maybe there are parks setup for the American tourists? IDK Either way I'd want to be within walking distance of the ocean, and preferably with a good view, I don't care if its sandy beach or rocks.I know I could do this on Tx coast, just not sure I can handle that drive too many more times. Is this possible? Thanks! Kristin
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