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  1. Class of 19 here we come! We are diving straight in! We purchased our motorhome in late 17 thinking we would use it a little and start paying for it. I hung up the towel in November and my home closes on the 15 of March. A few doctors appointments to manage through and off we go! Sent all the woodworking tools to California to the kids and placing the rest of our belongings in storage here in Ohio......temporarily that is. We don't know where we will declare home yet. Medical expense is incredible and I will spend the next 18 months figuring out what the best solution to this is. Frankly it is brain damage all these darn rules. I have scared my self silly reading all these nightmares and if I keep reading them I'm guessing I will never do it. So....jump in Ron lets just go for it. I will let you know if I get arrested or some silly thing like that. Rachel has been retired for a few years waiting on me so she is raring to go. We have lived in CA twice. Boston, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Chicago IL, and currently for the next two weeks Columbus Ohio. I have spent my life managing large aviation organizations. With that comes flying all over the world in aluminum tubes. We have seen a lot of the world and very little of our own country. I'm happy not to stand in another pat down line and sleep in my own bed every night. Plan to head for CA on the 20th for my grand daughters 16th birthday and then work our way back to RGV to check that out. Maybe winter there since we already have experienced the South Florida craziness. Anyway we are rolling and the beast has to much momentum to be stopped now. See you on the road!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Roger, I was curious, how close in did you try to make reservations during peak season in Florida? Were you calling at 60 days out or close in?
  3. Thank you for the valuable information.
  4. I was wondering if there are opinions on the additional fee of Thousand Trails to add the Trails collection parks on top of Platinum membership. It seems that they are only required to hold 10 spots for Thousand Trails members. Is it difficult to get a reservation in these parks? Do they treat you secondary to their other members? What our your experiences?
  5. Hi, What is the total of all fees beyond purchase (taxes HOA etc) What is the average utility bill in summer months? Would love to see some pictures. We have a 45 foot Class A.
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