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  1. Sorry, folks...new to using this network and not sure I'm doing it all correctly! Jim...JRP... would you be willing to share your agent's name and number in SD? I know that when we sell our house and establish our new domicile, I will need to get the insurance there.
  2. Thank you, everyone! Your comments have given my much peace. I have sent the details to Shawn Loring. If he responds with anything different, I'll pass that along.
  3. Medicare is sold based upon the zip code of your permanent address. I assume this is the domicile address? We purchased a Supplemental Plan that allows us to go to doctors anywhere. I recently received a letter from Medicare stating... Medicare understands that you may need to live away from your home for part of the year, however you may live somewhere else for up to 12 months in a row. In other words, the assumption is that you must return to your permanent home after that. This doesn't exactly fit with the Full Time RVing lifestyle. Has Escapees addressed this? How do other full-timers on Medicare deal with this?
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