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  1. I bow to your superior knowledge of this topic... My Data usage is from working...I"m just a woman doing her best to survive among the know it alls.. Hotspots are ok.. If what you do is cloud based ....but for the serious users,..you need something stronger. Myself and many others still work for a living...but now its on the road I am not going to get into a contest on whos hardware is better.....or whos plan is better... Once again,,,I am not the seller...but yet you feel the need to come in and chastise me for for what my viewing habits ... this is something I am only sharing.. IF you don't like it...don't buy it.....how many ethernet ports does your jetpack have, does it supply a strong WIFi signal of its own ? .that is configurable to multiple users. Can you connect a smart device or a printer to your Jetpack....... sir....I had one of those....didn't work for me..my work demands were more than it could give....ME....I have a mobile office...not just an entertainment center... .and like I said,,,if yours does what you need it to....more power to ya... OH and this also works on other carriers,,,not just Verizon
  2. Hey,, Maybe this will help clear things up ... First.. Security..The firmware supports OpenVPN natively, which no commercial hotspot can support at the moment. Its definitely the most secure and robust VPN protocol if you are looking for peace of mind of banking, stocks etc. VPN can also be used if you need a static IP, and DDNS is also supported which allows the router to be reached with a fixed hostname while having a dynamically changing IP./ 4 port rj45 for smart devices....OPTIONS make it versatile..... Come on guys....I'm not saying this is the best for everyone out there.. .I'm not the one selling it.. I just checked...I am over 186gb of data usage....streaming..work etc....I'm sitting in a State Forest tonight and the weekend, working.....and streaming any darn thing I want......lol If your Jetpack is doing everything you need it to do...by all means stay with it... I'm just saying this thing hasn't even burped, stumbled, studdered... Everything above I got direct from the seller, so PLEASE, I"m no Techi....ask them for the details.. they are very approachable with questions..
  3. I am sorry sir,,you are completely wrong...Your Jetpack is a hotspot...this is not....apples and oranges sir..... Jetpacks and all hotspots have the lowest network priority...What speeds can you get on yours ? can you get 60 down and 40 up ?....can you maintain VPN..and do non stop VOIP w multiple online users for hours on end while sharing live documents, ..what is your data useage for the last 30 days ?.. Please and with all due respect....don't confuse people with your 65.00 plan...you may think its unlimited...it isn't
  4. Hey guys... I've pulled over for the night...sitting in a state park...NO service anywhere...but MINE The monthly is 135.00...but I would surely contact the seller.... it is listed as make off too !!!!
  5. Good morning ,, Sorry for the delay, I was on the road... As for security, this is what I have found out....and the same applies for Hotspots All the carriers rate their network priority as follows...Phone...Tablets...Hotspots having the lowest priority This MOFI has been flashed to Emulate true TTL and behave and has the priority of a phone and thats why the Sim is also coded for this unit... most of the unlimited plans out there are "deprioritized" at all times... I know its not cheap...but for no hassle and flawless coverage ...?....worth it ...for me.. I work from my trailer...on a VPN all day long ...streaming Netflix when I'm not working I have yet to have a problem with mine.....
  6. yea I see that....I would contact the seller, but also remember this is NOT a Hotspot...this is secure...hotspot is not from what I understand of it...this is basically very close to what patrol cars are using for their laptops.
  7. Hey guys, I stumbled across this... https://www.ebay.com/itm/123722125434 It sounded too good to be true....but I did it and I really like it.. To each their own of course but its just an alternative to the many options that are coming out little by little
  8. Not good news,,,but very valuable indeed...thanks.. I was looking 98 I think...runs kinda NW to the panhandle
  9. If I hit the lottery I'm going to get me one of them fancy tire pressure monitoring systems.. .like I don't have enough tech on the dash already...lol
  10. Hey guys, Speaking of load ratings...granted I'm running a 5th, and I may be in the wrong forum...but my question is: Is there a load rating to weight reference guide ? Currently running G rated on 8 lugs...I have heard them scaringly referred to as "China Bombs" at the rated 70psi My fear is if I go to H rated to handle the weight and hopefully give me a little piece of mind, will it ride too hard and put more stress on the suspension ...and we all know how fragile they can be.. I do have cameras running I can monitor while driving...right now, not much is moving around the sticker says the coach is 14k...but with all my crap in it....? I see a stop at the scales in my near future...
  11. Water Management.....Wildlife Management....Hey its all good and we are lucky to have them still... My favorite in SW Florida is Cecil B. Webb....it is a WMA.. free dry camping on the weekends and from Oct - Feb...hunting season.. 76,000 acres...its a very diverse and special place I did some volunteering there doing spotlight deer shining from a huge swampbuggy and recording migration patterns.. Oh , is there a section where we can share pics of some of our stops ?
  12. Howard Medard Hillsborough County huge park,,,very nicely..maintained oh and I hear the fishing on the 700+ acre lake is good. another very nice one is Lithia Park...same general park...but with a Fresh warm water natural spring for swimming..
  13. Wildlife Management Area.... open camping on the weekends for some...others offer pay sites. this park is 12.00 a night.... All very wooded...nice sites..water/30amp.....no sewer...thats how they keep a turnover flowing...well that and a 6 month max stay.
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