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  1. Hi there, Thanks for the replies. What we are looking at is a 2000 Eurovan Camper, so not a full RV, but still with some RV appliances and tanks. I was referred to Lemon Squad by an RV blog, but upon reading Yelp reviews I am feeling pretty skeptical about them. Have also been referred to Your Mechanic, but it doesn't seem like they will look at the RV components of the vehicle and will just do a standard inspection of normal engine/structural parts. We are located in San Francisco. Thinking about trying for a VW shop, but it would be much more convenient for both ourselves and the seller if we could get a mechanic to go inspect on site.
  2. Hello there, My husband and I are getting ready to purchase our first camper and we are buying it used from a private buyer. We have seen the vehicle and think it could be perfect for us, now the next thing to do is get it inspected by a third party. What we are unsure of is the difference/benefits of taking it to: 1. A brand specific shop 2. A general auto shop 3. A private mechanic who will go to see it on site Any insight about the pros and cons of these different methods for inspection would be much appreciated!! Thank you.
  3. Thanks everyone for taking the time to weigh in! We really appreciate all the input and can already tell what a wonderful community this is. We are going to pass on this old girl and try to find something with less miles that we will feel more sure of. For our first camper van we need something with a slower learning curve. Thank you!!
  4. Thank you so much for your replies! It's a private seller in his mid-30s. According to him the original owner drove it for a long time and put almost all the miles on it. They rebuilt the engine and transmission and there are records of this although we haven't seen them yet. The next owner had it for a couple years and didn't drive it much, then the current owner bought it and has had it for a year and a half. He seemed pretty fastidious. He replaced the A/C unit and driver's seat, front brakes, front tires, and front shocks as well as a bunch of the hoses in the engine and the black/grey water pipes were recently replaced. He showed us that the stove, water pump, faucets, toilet, and furnace all work, but we didn't see the water heater working. He said he can't stand squeaks so he fixed all the cabinets so they wouldn't squeak and his selling post said he had previously planned to keep this forever until he moved and didn't have a place to park it. He showed us every window shade and window opening and closing. Riding along for the test drive everything about his story lined up and there were no red flags, so we feel pretty good about the seller. There are a few dents and scratches but the paint is overall in good condition for the age of the vehicle. Some damage to a grate on the top of the vehicle and a large dent on the back, but they appear very cosmetic. We want to take it to a mechanic to get inspected but we're unsure on what they will look at. Can we get them to look at the rear brakes, shocks, and test the transmission and stuff like that? Will they be able to give us good information on the condition of those parts or are they going to be in the dark too? Are there "standard" inspections? Definitely feels risky but we do have the funds and we could repair it if we had to, but then why not spend the extra money to buy something with fewer miles? Trying to find the price point where the tradeoff makes sense. Thanks again!
  5. Hello! My husband and I are new to the RV life and are looking to purchase our first camper van. We plan to live in it full time for the next 10 months and take it all across North America. So far we have been drawn to Class B vans that are 21' or less. Yesterday we looked at a used 1999 Road Trek 170 on a Dodge Chassis. It has seen some wear but has had many things replaced and drives well. We took it on the freeway and up a hill and felt good about how it was running. Overall we really liked it and for $10,000 the price seems right. However, it has been well used and has 260K miles on it. At 170 miles the engine was rebuilt. We have not had a chance to get a third party to look at it yet and wanted to see if we could get some advice from the community. At that amount of miles is it really a good idea for our needs?
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