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  1. Yeah, our RV doesn't have airbags. Kirk is right, it sits on a 16,000 chassis. We finally were able to get towed to a Ford dealer to have them look at it. Hopefully, they will be able to find the problem. My guess is weak leaf springs.
  2. Our RV has less than 9 inches of clearance in the front. Since we purchased it, we put about 2,000 miles (4,400 total) on it. One day while pulling into the driveway of a RV park, we heard an extremely loud noise, as if the frame of the RV was dragging against the ground. When we looked, we were not high-centered. Instead, the right front wheel was rubbing the inside the wheel-well. In order for us to get into our RV spot, we had to drive extremely slow and back up several times in order to the RV in the proper position. The next day when it was light out, we notice how little of ground clearance we have in the front. Additionally, when looking at the wheel well on both the drive and passager front, the wheel well sits lower than the top of the tire. No one has been able to identify the problem yet. It has been very challenging to get help with this issue There is something seriously wrong with our RV (probably suspension) ANYONE ELSE OWN A 2019 Entegra Vision 26X? Please contact me if you are experiencing the same issue?
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