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  1. you can do a release of liability online on the dmv website, well at least in CA.
  2. we have a GSD, she is 2 1/2 and still a puppy, shes sweet but gets excited when people come over and loves attention, needs to calm down, hope to see her calm down a little more at three yrs old, were just starting with her in our MH this month, california which calls itself a dog friendly state is the most restrictive state when it comes to dogs, it is almost comical
  3. I have been finding out that when you use your card a RV parks you have a limit of 2 to four days, and then have to pay full price, are the parks that give you a discount only the escapees parks run by the organization, I happen to have FMCA, Passport, Goodsam, and Escappes,
  4. I realize that, but that, but you will have to add a box to capture the circuits off of a breaker to feed it, bacause there is no place to have 208 in my motorhome, yours might be different in your rv, anyway it sounds good,
  5. what about the power for the unit, it says 208- 230 single phase power, most RV's take only two 110 volt circuits at any power panel that is what you will get I believe, not sure what your generator puts out, but I thought usually there is never 208 to the RV, just asking a question
  6. does escapee's address fulfill the physical address requirement we sold the house the house we were going to buy fell through, and now the DW decided that we were not going to buy a house here, at least not for now, happy wife happy life
  7. well we had a house that we were going to buy that we were going to use as a airb&b and rent it out during the time we were gone, the house turned out to have to much wrong that was hidden and we found out by having a whole house inspector go through it, it was expensive, but worth the price, for showing what was wrong before we bought it, and then having to put 60,000 in repairs into just to get it up to par and safe, that is why we are so late in doing what we are doing, I know it is a excuse, I just wanted to know if I could use it while not having a domicile while we look for another possible house to use as a domicile and a airb&b
  8. we are selling our house, we should be out anywhere between the 16th and the 18th of the month, would like some info of the mail service, we have not changes our domicile as of yet, can we can still sign up and get a address to receive our mail until we are able to travel to what ever state we decide to domicile in? I have also heard we can find a mail service to receive mail in the meantime also, we are going to stay in california for a while for some birthdays of the grand kids coming up, I would greatly appreciate some first hand experience with the mail service,, thanks in advance for any info you want to share, hamrs_62 Mark & Annette
  9. to each his own, I plan on having a piece of property somewhere
  10. people just can't understand that money is a tool, if you try to hold on to it, it will flee, when you die everything that you have accumulated will be gone, use it, have fun, make sure you can survive as best you can, then enjoy life,
  11. while I do agree with the fact that all are eligible to apply, but all are not eligible to receive, I applied and got a letter that I was not eligible to receive because I made to much money,
  12. the problem I see is that people forget money is a tool, and is used to make it through life, your not going to get a return on your investment when you arrive at the pearly gates, if you think you are making a financial gain after a thirty year mortgage somethings wrong, now if you save for your house before you buy it and pay cash you might get a return, but in today's markets, that is a good maybe, short term turn arounds is where you get a good return if the market holds, so what ever you do, do it with the realization, that as long as your able to take care of yourself and your family, that is all that matters, because we all die with what we are born with, NOTHING
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