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  1. to each his own, I plan on having a piece of property somewhere
  2. people just can't understand that money is a tool, if you try to hold on to it, it will flee, when you die everything that you have accumulated will be gone, use it, have fun, make sure you can survive as best you can, then enjoy life,
  3. while I do agree with the fact that all are eligible to apply, but all are not eligible to receive, I applied and got a letter that I was not eligible to receive because I made to much money,
  4. the problem I see is that people forget money is a tool, and is used to make it through life, your not going to get a return on your investment when you arrive at the pearly gates, if you think you are making a financial gain after a thirty year mortgage somethings wrong, now if you save for your house before you buy it and pay cash you might get a return, but in today's markets, that is a good maybe, short term turn arounds is where you get a good return if the market holds, so what ever you do, do it with the realization, that as long as your able to take care of yourself and your family, that is all that matters, because we all die with what we are born with, NOTHING
  5. well the property taxes are going up here too, they are 1.5 % now, it is presumed to go up to 4 to 5 % to pay for medical for everyone who comes here
  6. living in my house costs me about 29,000 a year, everything included,
  7. depends on the state, 60 to 62 and 55 with laws that sate pulling a trailer must drive 55
  8. this would limit us, my girl is close to 80 lbs
  9. just curious, how is the mobley working for everyone who uses it these days, thanks, Mark
  10. with the 24,000 deduction started this year itemized deductions didn't matter with me, the 24,000 was more then what I had figured for my deductions
  11. you will have to ask a tax pro for your specific retirement, but most the time it is no,
  12. it works great, use it to find places to stay, I love ours, used it ti travel to nebraska, and last october to washington
  13. it pretty easy to find a site, we use the garmin to look for places and then call to see it they have a spot, also you can look for walmarts to stay the night
  14. doesn't matter any more with the 24,000 deduction, I had only 18,000 worth of deductions, all useless, it also seems that california is taxing social security this year, because I had to pay state this year
  15. I already have my golf cart, it's called a smart car, so I am ready for the road, well soon
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