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  1. hamrs_62

    Sales Tax

    with the 24,000 deduction started this year itemized deductions didn't matter with me, the 24,000 was more then what I had figured for my deductions
  2. hamrs_62

    Sales Tax

    you will have to ask a tax pro for your specific retirement, but most the time it is no,
  3. hamrs_62

    Garmin GPS

    it works great, use it to find places to stay, I love ours, used it ti travel to nebraska, and last october to washington
  4. hamrs_62

    Nervous and Scared

    it pretty easy to find a site, we use the garmin to look for places and then call to see it they have a spot, also you can look for walmarts to stay the night
  5. hamrs_62

    Sales Tax

    doesn't matter any more with the 24,000 deduction, I had only 18,000 worth of deductions, all useless, it also seems that california is taxing social security this year, because I had to pay state this year
  6. hamrs_62

    Golf Cart a must or not for Fulltime

    I already have my golf cart, it's called a smart car, so I am ready for the road, well soon
  7. hamrs_62

    using a mysocialsecurity online account

    me either
  8. hamrs_62

    Terrarium TV

    actually cinema is better than both