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  1. I must have read it wrong where they started it for full timers, so that full timers would have somewhere to get info, and have help, my mistake, it is for those that want to move somewhere, cool guess we who full time know where we stand, being scolded for going place and admiring peoples places at these parks, I know I have walked around different place looking at places, and even looked at places for sale, but we should stay home, or somewhere else, so people can be safe in their little places away from those of us who travel, safe from a fake a pandemic, with a 99% survival rate, good to know
  2. Texas keeps saying their going to open, does anyone know when this is going to happen, we want to registrar there before my tags expire in california
  3. I though escapee's was for full timers, or is it just for you that decided to pick up and move there, we are full timers so how is it that you want us to stay at home? if this is just for you that decided to stay and buy there well then I need to find another full time site that supports those of us that like to be free and travel. Your fears do not trump my rights, especially with a virus that has a 99.% survival rate
  4. closing the rv parks is crazy, let people get in there free, they are killing our way of separating, it is really dumb
  5. they are killing a way to separate ourselves, for us retire and living in our MH
  6. make sure the unit is clean also, over the years they can get quite dirty, filled with all kinds of things, I would start with the breaker first,if it has any kind of arcing that you can see
  7. Hi Sage Insurance Agency 650 Metcalf St Escondido, Ca. 92025 800-887-8467 760-466-2070 Fax THEY CAN GIVE YOU SOME QUOTES, the gal name is Leslie that I talked to
  8. when we got here to the rv Park we were talking to a gal here, and my wife told here we might go to Texas to domicile, and she didn't give a reason, just said stay away from Texas, not sure what she had against Texas
  9. I know it sounds stupid, I would have called it a two phase panel, and call it a three phase panel when dealing with three phase, but I didn't write the books
  10. if it is on the same phase it will not be 220, if it is two phases then it will be 220, on a single phase panel,
  11. hamrs_62


    I do not think everyone qualifies for the plan G or F, if you smoke or have a preexisting condition, they might reject you
  12. I have a plan with united health care, when I first heard this crap about eye care and free glasses, dental care, I called them and they said no one does that,
  13. just got a email saying it will be going up on 11/06 to 45.00 a month, it was 25.00 a month, when att took it over it went to 35.00 for current customers, and 45.00 for new, it will soon be as much as satellite, other than antenna, are you all using satellite or something else, when I first got directvnow it was affordable, now not so much
  14. I had to sit on a pillow made for my tail bone when I had my forest river, the one I have now with the seneca is very comfortable
  15. yea fry it in bacon grease and then throw out the bologna and keep the grease and then fry a steak med rare😅
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