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  1. Not this year, still working full time. Hopefully next year...
  2. Welcome to your new adventure! The balloon festival is wonderful! What a great way to kick off your new lifestyle! You might consider volunteering as a campground host for the festival, this would provide you with a free RV spot. There are also other jobs besides working the campground that provides you with free entry fees then all you will have are your boondocking fee's. Here is the link to more information: https://balloonfiesta.com/Volunteers Best of luck to you!
  3. Thank you for calling Oak Forest on my behalf RV_! I must apologize for getting my facts wrong, Oak Forest was full until the Sept. It was Austin Lone Star that would not accept a 19' Scamp. I will try your list and see if there are ones I have not called over the past 2 days. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Thank you Not Quite Yet, Oak Forrest does not allow anything under 26' - learning about the prejudice to small. I've called all around the outskirts and can confirm your statement about full waiting lists - some won't even start a waiting list. Thought someone here might know of something under the radar that can't be found on a search engine.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm going to be working in Austin for a year starting this May and I'm looking for a comfortable space to park my 19' fiver. Anyone have a space for rent or know of a good spot? I will be working near close to the downtown area. Thank you!
  6. Congrats on your new home! Wanted to know more about your 19' goose neck and TV that might be for sale. Thank you !
  7. Thanks, everyone for the great advice. I've not been asked for a good faith deposit but know this is customary in hot market bricks and sticks purchases.
  8. Being new to responding to classifieds, I have a question about securing a potential TT until you can look at it. Is it a common practice to offer a good faith down payment until you can get there to inspect it? I know this must be risky, and no one has asked me to do this, I'm just curious as to what is custom. With so many of these moving at light speed, I hate to miss the opportunity by being slow to respond. Thank you!
  9. Thank you! Thank is very helpful and an easy thing to do.
  10. Wow! So much to learn. Thank you again, everyone. Major learning point...You can't have too much truck!!!
  11. Thank you so much Kirk! You have been a great help to me.
  12. Thank you so much rm.w/aview. Solid advice about towing capacity limitations and the extra storage in the truck bed. Sorry for the newbie question here😊 Do I not need to worry about the weight in the truck/truck bed when staying below the 50% of the GVWR?
  13. Thanks, everyone for your continued attention to my question. Everyone is so helpful here! Dean, I so appreciate your positive attitude and your encouragement that I can do this! I have no misconceptions that living on the road is not the same as camping. Did a 3-month road trip in my 2001 Ford Windstar that I built out myself (original owner and she now has 274k miles on her and ready to go another 100k). Only stayed in a campground once a month to "treat myself" to a long shower. I crafted a bed platform out of 80/20 slotted aluminum and added solar and a 3000w pure sine wave inverter. Added the extra alternator to charge my "house" battery while driving and only needed to plug in every 3 days if I stayed put. It was the best time of my life. Sat on a backroad in Montana and cried like a baby as the beauty all around me engulfed my soul. It was my ability to swing into backcountry dirt roads that gave birth to my desire to stay small. After many different concepts, I think I'm leaning towards a truck and TT. Like you Dean, I really respect fiberglass as a material for TT's. Currently looking at the 21' Big Foot. Thanks again everyone, enjoy your journey this day!
  14. Hi Dean, You truly got some great feedback from everyone. I've been struggling for over a year trying to select an RV. I want to full time workcamp traveling from north to south with the sun and warmth. At first, like you, I had my heart set on a Travato 59K until I sat in it for an hour trying to imagine living in it. Like Kirk and Linda said, that space is all you have to live in and store your possessions. There was no wardrobe in the Travato and no cabinet space to store sewing supplies (important to me). I like the Class B concept because I want small for many reasons. Sometimes I like to get away from the masses and tuck myself into small spaces, the Class B is perfect for that. Also, I did not want to tow and have the upkeep of another vehicle. The B would allow me to travel into town better for supplies. Kirk gave me great reasons to rethink this strategy. I love Coach House, especially the 24' Platinum, it has better storage and a dry bath. Like you said, they are very expensive even for used. I'm now mostly looking at 24' C's and still struggle with the thought of a tow vehicle. I've never driven anything that large and never towed and I'm fearful of it. There are great classes out there so I'm trying to convince myself that I can learn. I want to learn because I want this lifestyle. So round and round I go. It was also suggested here that I might think about a truck and trailer but I like the idea of moving easily between my drivers seat to my coach without getting out. Sorry for being so long winded. I wish you all the best as you navigate this journey. I found a blog of a woman that traveled full time for 7 years with a van and Casita, her blog is RV Sue. She loved her Casita and has cataloged many great journeys.
  15. Thank you Kirk, appreciate you pointing out some interesting ways of determining resale value and market worth. I was also wondering why these coaches were already being traded in. The search continues.
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