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  1. LOU I have mine hooked to a GL.INET 300m smart router. Working fine for 2 computers,if I can make it work anyone can.
  2. Hey got it to work today,2 sim cards and got chatter today that new what she was doing.
  3. Good thing it was a rainy day today with nothing that needed done.
  4. 3 hours 1 min.on chat today. They are sending it higher up the chain of command. Still says no sim card no service,you think a new sim card might help?
  5. On chat better than 2 hours today still not working but they are still working it they say.
  6. Still working on it I guess,have not heard anything. Chatter said it might be 3 to 5 days good thing I don't need it real bad.
  7. Got mine last night. I think I done everything right with setup but it says no sim card. About an hour on chat this morning and they are still working on it ?????.
  8. chirakawa thanks for the links. Now if I could get there order process to work I would be good to go.
  9. If you have this plan what do you think about it?
  10. Any ideas where I can find a turn signal assembly for a 2002 Georgie Boy on a Freightliner chassis. Local Freightliner dealer says it is not a Freightliner part but tag on steering column says Freightliner.
  11. Well this all good to hear. We use about 50 a month,been splitting it between 2 mobleys but one has the timer so it's a pain in the you know what. Thanks for the info.
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