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  1. Well this all good to hear. We use about 50 a month,been splitting it between 2 mobleys but one has the timer so it's a pain in the you know what. Thanks for the info.
  2. How many GB are you regularly using and not hearing any complaints from ATT?
  3. Old one works great,new one too except the 2hr timer.
  4. Hey I got it to work,now if I could get rid of the timer. I ended up using a GL-INET GL-AR300M wireless router. Wireless from Mobley eithernet to router. Stuff comes in and stuff goes out,don't ask me how. Just luck and a lot of Google. Like I said before way above my pay grade. Thanks for the ideas.
  5. Back to the drawing board. GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 came,I plugged in power and didn't even get a power light,it's going back.I think I need to find someone to do this for be anyway.But living in the sticks makes it kind of hard to do.
  6. OK thanks for the advice. I will get on ordered and get back when I have news or more questions,stay tuned.
  7. Way above my pay grade but I need to hook the Mobley to my router.Will this work https://www.amazon.com/GL-iNet-GL-MT300N-Pre-installed-Performance-Compatible/dp/B01AL7P1FU/?I have done a lot of reading but if it will work I need a lot of real plain and simple instructions.If you have a better idea please let me have it.Got to be pretty easy or I will be in trouble. Thanks in advance.
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