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  1. This is the official end! Received reimbursement from Safe Ride for the full amount of the winching invoice. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the check within a week of sending the invoice. I want to thank all of the Escapees who weighed in on this topic.
  2. We are part time. We both like our jobs and my schedule of 28 days on and 28 days off allows us enough travel time to satisfy our wanderlust. We spent most of February in AZ having missed Boomerville because of our work schedule. Would we like to full time? Maybe, maybe not, since we love being near our grandkids and intend to build a house next door to them. I envy fulltimers, but while sitting in AZ I wonder if we would be bored with all the free time? Every full timer we talked to at Boomerville 2018 said we would adjust and love the life style. Well, we will see.
  3. This is the end (I HOPE): From Julie Madden I see where you are coming from, I would be less than happy if I thought I had coverage and was told I didn’t. I took this up with my supervisor explaining the benefits are not clear, I asked that we make an exception and consider reimbursing you for the service you paid for. If you can please send me a copy of your receipt I will submit it to the claims dept. on your behalf and get the ball rolling. My Response: Ms. Madden Thank you for your response. I will copy and email invoice for your approval. I will also forward to the Escapees Forum that we have, from my perspective reached a favorable outcome.
  4. This is the response I received from Safe Ride: I’m sorry you had an issue over the weekend, the rain has caused a lot of problems the last few days! Now if your pick-up was hooked up to your 5th wheel, the truck would have been covered for the winch out as a winch is only a service to free the RV. Your 5th wheel has more benefit coverage than the additional autos you are driving. The additional autos are covered for basic roadside only, towing to nearest qualified service, tire change, jump start, fuel delivery and a lockout. The RV is the vehicle that is eligible for winch outs, tire deliveries, mobile mechanic service, trip interruption and technical assistance. Please let me know if you have any other questions, we are happy to help. My Response: Ms. Madden: Thank you for your response too my inquire concerning your failure to provide the services as outlined in the Escapees roadside assistance application which state that "coverage for all dependents and vehicles". If I had needed some other assistance, tire, towing, fuel, etc. since I was in a rural area you would have used the excuse that you used which was the "truck is not covered" so I would be out of luck regardless. I work away for a month at a time and I had wrongly assumed that my Wife would have Safe Ride for added security if I was unavailable for assistance. You got me, but I believe that I have made enough people aware of your policy to circumvent your written word to the consumer that it will more than offset my loss. When you have time look up honor and integrity on your phone. You might learn something.
  5. It is a Ram 2500 pickup that tows my 5th wheel wen not used as my driver
  6. Today I got my truck stuck in my daughters yard. I knew it was wet from all the rain but I GOT 4X4, ha! Anyhow, I thought I would call my Escapees roadside assistance for the first time since I was only 75' from a maintained road. When I called a very pleasant lady told me that my Heartland Motorhome was covered (I have a Heartland 5th wheel). but my truck wasn't covered. I said that is ridiculous, according to the Escapees website coverage is extended to all my personal vehicles. I was put on hold multiple times while she tried to get my service request pushed thru. But after sympathizing with me multiple times she had done all she could do since the department she needed to contact only works Monday thru Friday. After a 19 min and 30 sec conversation I hung up and contacted a local wrecker service who showed up in 10 min and had me back on the road 10 min after that and $150.00 plus tax poorer. When we had Good Sam they towed our 5th wheel to a KOA and dropped our truck off at a shop. Another time when our son was away at college they towed his truck to the dealer for repair. I thought I was going to get the same service when I switched. Did I do something wrong?
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