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  1. Well, I guess we're doing it because we WANT to! Seems like as good a reason as any.
  2. That does make a lot of sense, and it's a good compromise that won't get us into trouble if we're really bad at conserving water/power. Perhaps we'll book into two campgrounds, just to get a feel for breaking down/setting up/backing in, then maybe spend the last night boondocking, for the "real deal" experience. Thanks! That really does help a lot.
  3. Yup, that's what we have in mind, FL-JOE. We know we're doing the year-or-two trip; it's a given. So this will just be a chance to experience the lifestyle without kids, and re-familiarize with the mechanics of it all.
  4. That's great advice, sandysys and Twotoes. Hadn't thought about just not using the hookups. It really is about getting a feel for how much water we use, how quickly tanks fill, how our energy consumption is, how to hook up hoses, etc, so I don't suppose we HAVE to be out in the boonies to do that. Hadn't really considered that idea. Thanks to all for your replies! They really do help fine-tune my focus.
  5. I don't know where the "exit" is, but I do hope your day gets better.
  6. We'll be doing this in October. We're in the tourism industry, so we know when busy seasons are, and where we can be in Florida in October and avoid most of the influx. We'll head up into the panhandle. We're not looking for any particular "experience" (we know the state extremely well; there's nothing we need to see or do here). This is meant to be specifically focused on brushing up on the basics of Rv-ing and get a feel for being in a campground and being without hookups. It's not meant to be a vacation. Because our extended travel will be primarily business-related, we want to get an idea of what we'll need to pay attention to to make that work, hence wanting to get a brief feel for campground AND boondocking. We know what most of the challenges will be, but there's nothing quite like DOING it and having to problem-solve to help focus the mind.
  7. Is there any flexibility for two smaller RVs, one for each family? I do wonder if six people in one motorhome is going to feel very, very tight after a few days, let alone 2 weeks. With two smaller class Cs, you also wouldn't have to worry about driving an overly large vehicle, and each couple would have a private sleeping area. I don't know how that would work out as regards the cost of petrol (if two smaller RVs would be more than, close to, or less than what it would take for the biggest motorohomes as far as petrol mileage), but it might be worth it for the sake of everyone's happiness.
  8. How did I know SOMEONE would tell me this is next to impossible?!
  9. Let's reset and rephrase: While we know it would take a month or more to really get a feel for a couple of styles of overnighting, what we have is a week. So let's call it a "familiarization trip" rather than a maiden voyage. We've got one week (that's non-negotiable), and we want to familiarize ourselves with the BASIC functions of staying in a campground and staying off-grid. We know it won't teach us everything we need to know. We do think it will help us get a tiny glimpse into things like how to hook up; how to pull into a space; how to put the slides out; how to cook without setting off the fire alarm; how to shower without draining the tank; how to fill and empty the tanks; we're talking BASIC. Call it a "focused refresher course" if you will, with an eye toward it being 365 days or more rather than a vacation. Along with that, we'd like to experience the BASICS of being in a campground (when we toured with our kids, we were on the go for 10 days, and only spend nights in campgrounds) and the BASICS of being without hookups. With that in mind, would it be unreasonable but possible to get the merest hint at the BASICS with, say, 3 days in a campground, 2 without hookups, and then see where we'd like the spend the remaining two, as suggested?
  10. We live in Florida, so we'll stay within, say, 100 miles of home. We only have a week, so that's what we'll work with this time. We'll also be in a rental, so won't have solar to boondock for a week. Probably should have mentioned that. We DO want to get a feel for "doing without" hookups.
  11. Ahead of our year or two on the road, we're taking the advice to give the lifestyle a test run, though we did an RV trip years ago with our 3 boys, and loved it. This time the focus will be on getting familiar with the day-to-day workings of RV living, checking out different overnight options, and sampling the lifestyle in general, as a 55+ couple without kids. We anticipate staying in campgrounds, boondocking, and staying in State and National parks (as well as things like Harvest Hosting/etc, if possible) when we finally start our extended trip. My question is, what would you include in your test flight if you only have a week? Would you stay a campground (how long) AND boondock (how long) and/or dry camp (or some other combination), just to get a feel for the requirements of each, or would you stick to just campgrounds? What do you think would be most useful in terms of showing us whether or not we'll enjoy a particular style of travel, and how long should we plan for each?
  12. Just back from 5 days at the big US travel trade convention and had to laugh as I was packing 10 outfits for the trip (convention clothing each day, plus "party" outfits for each evening, plus theme park-appropriate items). With proper folding, I used about half of a medium suitcase and had half left for all the paraphernalia we brought back from the convention. Marie Kondo would have been proud! That said, I didn't "put love" into each item as I folded it, and didn't necessarily notice any particular item that "sparked joy."
  13. Weight may be an issue, but storage shouldn't be when it comes to a few weeks worth of clothing. I can easily get two weeks worth of clothing into a medium suitcase. Doesn't anyone else use a "smart folding" method?
  14. This is definitely part of our thinking. We'll be 61 and 58 when we set off, and while we're still relatively fit, we do sit at a computer 12 hours a day (sometimes longer) for our work, so we're not as used to manual labor as we once were. That's going to be a learning curve, but a welcome one. Still, whatever we can do to keep it relatively easy will be good. We know it will be a MUCH more active life, and a less convenient one, than the one we have now. And we're eager for that!
  15. Yes. I have all the basics for safety and maintenance on my list. The things I mentioned here are more the negotiables. After all these replies, I think it's possible we may have lost sight of the fact that I did say some things were NOT negotiable, including new tires and a washer/dryer, but I didn't mention everything that's non-negotiable, simply to save time. These are more the "extras" I'm squirreling away funds for here and there, not the big things I've actively saved for.
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