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  1. Bigthinkers

    Some folks you know?

    I keep telling my husband I want that tee-shirt that reads, "I'm editing you as you speak." Probably best that no one knows, really....
  2. Bigthinkers

    How much difference does toad weight make?

    That's what I was thinking, Kirk W. Less hassle is definitely a good thing, and since this is intended to be a 1-2 year adventure, I don't see us selling whatever car we end up with, so we wouldn't have to fit out two different cars for use with a dolly. Seems like trading our Mazda in for one that can be towed 4-down might be the answer. Thanks! And thank you, jcussen, for sharing your experience. It does give food for thought!
  3. Bigthinkers

    How much difference does toad weight make?

    Thanks, Kirk W. I know you've been doing this for a very long time, so I appreciate your comments. From what I've found (so far), Mazda is rather non-committal on the question of towing. However, I just took a look at the link you've provided and it states the Mazda 6 must be towed on a tow dolly. If that's actually the case, is there a good argument to be made for getting something that can be towed 4-down? We'd probably buy used, so hopefully wouldn't have a car payment either way.
  4. We're looking at purchasing a 36' Class A (gas) and will be towing a small-ish car (ideally, 4-down). Right now we have a Mazda 6, which is within the towing weight of the rigs we're looking at (it's just over 3K, and the towing weight is 5K; however I can't find reliable info on whether or not it can be towed 4 down). The Mazda will be paid off by the time we hit the road, but we're thinking of downsizing the car and going for something lighter and smaller (it's just us two, plus a dog). How much difference will it make gas-wise and for ease of handling between our Mazda and, say, a Honda Civic or similar, which weighs in at about 700-1000lbs less. Do you think it's worth downsizing? I'm sure there are considerations I'm not thinking of, never having done this.
  5. Bigthinkers

    Dying Salton Sea, contributing factor

    I recall visiting the Salton Sea back in the mid 1980s and it had just had a massive fish die-off. Reeked to high heaven, with rotting fish so thick on the sand you couldn't walk the shoreline, even if you'd wanted to. It was in incredibly bad shape then, too.
  6. Bigthinkers


    The main question is: does Snakebite feel his question has been answered, since this is about a UK resident getting coverage for their health care while in the US for an extended period, rather than about the quality of healthcare services/policies in other countries.
  7. Bigthinkers


    NHS health care won't cover UK citizens while they're in the US, but the UK has excellent travel insurance plans at good yearly rates that WILL cover care while in the US.
  8. Bigthinkers


    I would think as a UK citizen you'll want travel insurance purchased in the UK. A 1-year policy shouldn't be that expensive, and it covers you everywhere in the US.
  9. Bigthinkers

    Gap to outside underneath carpet

    I couldn't see any good coming from it, but I wasn't sure if it was typical, or unusual. Could just have been that one rig, I suppose. Has anyone seen such a thing?
  10. We recently attended the big Tampa RV Super Show and looked fairly seriously at several Class A gas motorhomes from various manufacturers. During that process, we noticed someone had pried the carpet loose in the kitchen area on one rig (a small carpeted strip along the kitchen side of the slide-out). When I peeked under it to see if the carpet could be removed altogether and replaced with flooring, I noticed there was about a 2 inch (maybe 1 1/2 inch) gap that led directly to the outside. I could feel it underfoot when I walked along that area after I saw it. This was on a Holiday Rambler Adventurer, which ultimately didn't make it to our short list, but it got me wondering: was this a design flaw, or is it standard for there to be a big opening like that when the slide is out? Seems to me it's an invitation for rodents, etc, to find a way in.
  11. Bigthinkers

    Volunteer at Epcot

    Sorry, I thought you only meant for the Festivals or work in the theme parks.
  12. Bigthinkers

    Volunteer at Epcot

    Disney does not use volunteers. Cast Members have to be hired and trained in Disney's Traditions program. You MIGHT get temporary work with them, but through the standard hiring process.
  13. Thank you for the link, SnowGypsy. They do have ours, and at a reasonable-ish price. Good point, LindaH. The Canadian Imports site does say you'll have to prove where the dog food was made, so the original bag will matter. We do usually dump it in an air-tight container (Florida's humidity spoils everything). Feeling confident this will be relatively easy. Thanks for all the insights. On to the next nagging question..........!
  14. Since we can take a fair bit over the border I'll just pick it up as needed at PetSmart or a vet's. A bag is only 27lbs (my error, obviously, on the 2lb thing. I was doing ten different things at once and only put 1kg into the conversion instead of 20. Total idiot moment).
  15. It's great to hear this won't be an issue, as other posts have led me to believe. One less thing to think about as I'm working my way through the thousands of little questions we probably all have or had when we're just learning about the lifestyle. I can't say I'm worried about it, I'm just working through all the issues relevant to us that I keep seeing on various forums, blogs, etc, and that was one of them. I wouldn't have given it a second thought if our dog didn't need a specific food that may or may not pose some problems when it comes to getting it. I cleaned up enough dog barf trying to find something she could eat when we rescued her, so this is one of those non-negotiables each of us probably has as we're figuring out how to hit the road for an extended period and emerge from it happy. Thank you for your comments. Learning about real-life experience is priceless.