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  1. Where can I find all of those pipes at? Are you talking about the inlet that let's the water in that connects to the outside pipe? Is that what you think is broken? And I'm also not sure what fitting you mean. Can you specify? Thanks
  2. Its definitely not frozen. It's nearly 45 degrees and we had the water trickling for nearly 24 hours to see if it would unclog it. The pipe part that connects to the trailer is fine. Lots of water going through there. Were connected to a house so we dont use our pump I dont believe. Thought maybe the regulator was clogged so we took that off and put the pipe back onto the trailer with no regulator, same thing happened. It's all throughout the trailer. All faucets, shower and toilet. I've read it could be the water filter that's clogged but I dont know where that is and I've also read most keystones dont have one. I'm stumped
  3. 2004 keystone cougar. Just recently our water pressure has been super low, hardly existent. We thought maybe it was frozen pipes, but we disconnected the pipe that goes into our 5th wheel and water came spurting out. When we turn the faucet on theres a quick spurt like we have good water pressure, then it goes to hardly coming out. We havent done anything differently. The only thing I can think of is I was moving stuff around in the under carriage and moved something up against the small tubes underneath. But I'm pretty sure the parts of the tubes it brushed against weren't valves that managed the pressure. What could be wrong and where is all the water going that's coming from the hose connection?
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