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  1. I have this one for sale. Setup for travel and trouble free. Independent suspension, disk brakes, and a bunch more. 2013 Cedar Creek 36CKTS Custom, has cold weather pack and tank heaters, $28k. If interested, let me know and I can get all the details to you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10KEWVbdza539j6T0w4NT7RxzJDXtDF10
  2. You can get a free trial to the commercial version - in my experience on a few trailers, it matches the RV Pricing values in the Facebook group. It's a good starting point. The trade in value also matched every dealers starting trade in value on my trailer when I was looking, and as other said - options only matter to the lenders value, but not to any dealer/sale price. https://www.nadaguidesconnect.com
  3. What happened to the Teton? I strongly considered this fiver, but we really wanted a toy hauler. This looks like a good unit at a good price. And for the record - we like the white. Having our new trailers cabinets painted before we move in.
  4. Do you have more pics of it? If so, send to aknavy1991@yahoo.com Thanks.
  5. I bought one of these after I had a wheel bearing cost me the spindle on my old axle. Was due to poor maintenance. This axle is solid and over engineered for the rating he gives it. I've got about 15k trouble free miles with it, and I have about 900 pounds on the axle, give or take, depending on the day. https://axlesandmorebyjoellc.com/
  6. I'm interested in purchasing a late model version, probably the 41GKE. If anyone knows of one for sale, or has one for sale, please let me know. I've spent many house scouring the net for one, but have only come across one out in California. Would prefer to not have to travel across the whole country!
  7. I looked at this trailer in person about a month ago. Only reason that we have decided to pass on it is that we've decided that a toy hauler meets our needs better. With that being said, this trailer is solid, well taken of, good looking, and in great condition. If you're looking for a residential floor plan that is solid and has all the features that high end new fifth wheels have, this is a great option. And - you get triple axle MorRyde on a 40 foot fiver!
  8. Check your credit union - mine only care's about the value, not the age.
  9. Does it have the generator, and if so, what size? Also, MorRyde Independent Suspension?
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