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  1. Thanks Ken. Good point for the transmission cooler, I was also thinking about that. My main concern right now is about the wiring and battery options though.
  2. I'm about to buy a Livin'Lite Quicksilver camper (around 1000lbs). My understanding of wiring is that I will need for that camper : Ground / Tail lights / Right turn / Left turn Meaning I need a flat 4-pin for that, right ? But what about the battery ? There is no fridge nor heater in that camper, so do you thing I’ll need the aux power to charge the battery ? If not what kind of battery should I take ? (deep cycle ?) I want to give it a try but maybe I’ll put some brakes on it, just to be on a safe side because it’s going to be a very long trip and I don’t want to wear out my car too quickly. So what should I do in your opinion : 1) install a 4-pin and add a brakes line later if I need to ? 2) install a 5-pin with Aux Power and add a brakes line later if I need to ? 3) install a 6-pin with Aux Power & brakes line right now, thus I’m ready for any options and I won’t pay extra money by doing it step by step ? Thanks!
  3. ok I have so many questions and I'm spending so much time on Internet (without a lot of success I have to tell) that I think that it would be really nice to speak to experienced real people face to face. Is somebody willing to meet 30min/1h in Toronto to guide me for our next 6 months trip in USA with a camper ? Thanks, Vince.
  4. No need to apologize. I'm very grateful with every information I will get from you guys !
  5. no not sure to need a 7 pin plug. I need brakes pin (brakes controller), lights pins, battery recharge pin. The camper could be a STARCRAFT 2106 Series or a Quicksilver 8.0 with brakes (we will hopefully buy it this coming week or the next one ; that's why I need to install the wiring soon) What do you think I'll need? Thanks!
  6. Sounds interesting but 200km away from Toronto... Do you think something closer would do the job ?
  7. Hi there, I'm a total newbie and we've planned to buy a light camper trailer (around 1500 lbs). I have a 2017 MAZDA CX-9 and the class 3 hitch is already installed. I would like to get some help from somebody knowing the Toronto GTA and well experienced on the towing topic. I need to find a place to get a 7 way wiring installation and advices about the good and bad things to buy and to do. Is somebody on that forum willing to help me in that matter ? Thanks, Vince.
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