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  1. After all the feedback from you guys, we have decided to go up to 36 feet. Thank you guys
  2. Our idea about living full time in a 5th wheel is about living small. We gradually want to follow other way around and go smaller with time. It is the other way around for most people and I understand that. It depends on the deal. I might still go with a dually. Thank you for the recommendation
  3. I think if I start considering up to 35 feet, Teton, hitchhiker and new horizons would be great candidates. They seem like holding their value.
  4. Problem is most the late models are not structurally good and lack insulation. I focused my research on Grand Design these days. They have a lot of good layout options. Only disadvantage I see so far is their fresh tanks are only 60 gallons.
  5. We used to own a class C and my brother in law's Bulldog was really comfortable with that one. It all depends on the animal too.
  6. Hello everyone,Long time reader here and decided to register finally. I read too many posts and you guys really know what you are talking.So I have couple of limitations when I think about a 5th wheel.It is just me, my wife and our 9 months old English Bulldog right now but who knows what life will bring in the future. I have been doing my homework and researching for a long time. It is just the financials game after this.I checked all my options and seems like 5th Wheel is the best way for us to go. Our budget is up to $30-$35K. We don't want a brand new unit. Something maybe up to 7 8 years old (newer is better of course). We can go older. The reason is we want to spend some time and modify and repair the interior( when I say we, it is actually my wife, she wants to change all old style RV stuff inside and maybe even paint the cabinets.) We want something up to 32 feet. Nothing bigger. We want to be able to easily go in and out everywhere. So this also means I need something durable and strong. We don't need washer and dryer. Also when we feel like it, we want to be able to boondock up to a week. This is why we are looking for an older rig. I want to spend some money to modifications and add-ons like Solar and batteries. Something solar ready is always a plus but not a must. For that we need big water tanks. Minimum 60 gallons fresh water. Also we feel like we will always travel to warmer areas but I want the option to spend some time in cold weather. Insulation is a must and also heated plumbing system and tanks. We need a living room with that fits at least 1 pull out sofa and 2(at least 1) recliners. So anything smaller than 29ft probably too small and also there are not many options out there smaller than 29ft. We are thinking about moving every 2-3 weeks. Easy set up with auto leveling jacks makes everything easy but not necessary. So far Grand Design REFLECTION 27RL and Arctic Fox 27-5L (maybe Glacier Peak too, not sold on the water tank 60gl seems not enough0 looks like great fits but they are hard to find used. And for these models, do I need a 1 ton diesel truck or can I go lower than that. If you think about the future, maybe 1 ton is the better choice.What else is out there? Which make and brand 5th wheels? Thank youThank you very much
  7. Great summary. We made a similar one and yes, it narrows down your choices just to a handful 5th wheels.
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