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  1. Anybody using RVHealth.com? What's your opinion on the services provided? Have you used Telemedicine before and what are your thoughts on it?
  2. What are some of the things you recommend we do to our motorhome in between trips. Like, those times we park the RV in the driveway for a month or less before heading back out on the road. What are some obvious and less than obvious things we should consider doing to the RV. Like, empty tanks? Fill tanks? Refridgerator? Open/Close windows? Etc. This would be during the summertime, so winterizing won't be necessary. Thoughts?
  3. Anybody towing a 2010-2016 Chevy Equinox? Research has shown me that a V6 is best to avoid the "Death Wobble" and only requires 1 fuse to be pulled/switched off. Any other problems or issues?
  4. As a professional illusionist, I am interested in building a small theatre in a tourist populated city. This would be a family friendly production catering to the young and young at heart! Many of you have traveled extensively before me... so I’m guessing you might have some nice suggestions of where to make a home base theatre when we’re not RVing. Think places like Pigeon Forge, TN. Gatlinburg, TN. Wisconsin Dells, WI. Branson, MO. etc..... Any suggestions of where you would take your family to enjoy quality entertainment and attractions?
  5. Does anybody know of any YouTube videos or websites that explain how to properly level your Class A RV with leveling blocks? The RV we will use has automatic leveling jacks, but don't we need to use leveling blocks under the tires on occasion? What's the process look like and how do you do it properly?
  6. Thanks everyone! Good advice and seems easy enough. Neighbors can be your best friend!
  7. Sorry for all the "what if" scenarios on this forum... however, as a newbie to the RV lifestyle, these questions come to mind and everyone who responds has so much helpful information gathered over many, many years! Here's my question: Let's say that you're not very mechanically inclined. You may have a basic understanding of how a vehicle works, or the bare-bones knowledge of your electrical or water system in your MH. But, something goes wrong. Sure, it's very situational. But let's say, for example, the water that used to be hot has turned cold. Or the jack that was lowered is stuck in that position and won't raise. Or the fridge has gone out.... WHATEVER this situation is, how do would you handle the situation? Remember, you're not mechanically inclined and don't necessarily carry the tools to repair these things yourself. You're in an RV Campground. Do you call a local plumber or electrician to fix your problem? Do you jump on this forum and ask questions first? Do you search the yellowpages for an RV specific mechanic to drop by your site and fix your problem? What do you generally suggest?
  8. How do you handle Mother Nature? For example... when the weather takes a turn for the worse, what steps do you take to ensure your MH is secure? What apps or devices do you use to monitor the weather? At what point do you decide to leave your MH and take shelter? What do you do when bad weather strikes while you're driving? What tips & tricks would you tell a newbie with regard to bad weather and RV'ing?
  9. Aside from going to an Escapees Rally and participating the their SmartWeight program... how would you recommend measuring the exact height of your Class A motorhome (for low clearance purposes) and obtaining the individual PSI for each tire based on the weight of your MH? Is this something that could be done locally?
  10. Hoping I didn't make a mistake in my planning. I have been using RV Trip Wizard to plan our route. My trip preferences are input at 62 miles per hour, using highways, but avoiding toll roads, and averaging 4 hours of travel per segment. Well... I got excited and nervous about campsites being sold-out. Some websites had mentioned things like "only 2 sites left..." or something of the sort. Anyway, I pre-booked ALL of our campgrounds along our route and daily travel is around 3 hours to 6 1/2 hours about. Now your post has me thinking I made a mistake?! We're young... married couple in our mid-30's with a toddler. We don't mind being on the road in a car... figured the RV would be more comfortable and travel would be more effortless. Still room for food/gasoline stops along the way. Do you think I over did it? Too much planned and should have left some more wiggle room in there?
  11. We also shopped around.... eventually coming back to Good Sam Insurance for the best price and full-timers options. Coupled with their roadside assistance, it was a no-brainer for us as first-timers.
  12. Thank you for all the very helpful and useful information! We can't wait to start our journey soon. Lots of planning to do first. Thanks again for commenting!
  13. Just purchased our first pre-owned Tiffin Allegro Open Road 34TGA, obtained insurance, joined Good Sam Club & KOA, completed the RVUniversity and now I'm working diligently with RVTripWizard to plan our first route. Cheers to our first 6-month road trip in an RV starting in May!
  14. Looking for an inspector in the Elkhart, IN. neighborhood. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate one that is close enough to not pay additionally for the extra miles and overnight accommodations. Secondly, do to the time of year, I'm required to pay an additional $250.00 to de-winterize and re-winterize the MH for the inspection. There are no service bays available during the inspection, so the inspector will be performing their inspection in the freezing cold weather. Not the most ideal situation, but time isn't necessarily on our side. I have a hold placed on a MH and would like to have the inspection completed before we continue forward with our negotiations and, hopefully, purchase of the MH.
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